The following packages were found for maintainer:
mp3blaster text console audio player with an interactive interface
timidity MIDI to WAV renderer and player
p5-Date-Tolkien-Shire convert dates into the Shire Calendar
astyle indenter and formatter of C/C++/Java source files
scons Python-based build system
xpad virtual sticky pad system
xfe MS-Explorer like file manager for X
sdcc Small Device C Compiler
gerbv viewer for Gerber (RS-274X) files
exaile music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python
gcal calculate and print calendars
libzip library for reading, creating and modifying zip archives
manaplus client for The Mana World
mandelbulber 3D fractal renderer
coreutils file, shell and text manipulation utilities
hexalate color matching game
peg-e basic peg solitaire game
simsu basic sudoku game
tetzle tetromino puzzle game
focuswriter simple, distraction-free writing environment
armagetronad 3D light cycle game
bpython fancy interface to the Python interpreter
mscore WYSIWYG music notation software (MuseScore)
valyriatear free J-RPG game
quazip Qt/C++ wrapper for ZIP/UNZIP package
veusz scientific plotting and graphing package
tanglet word finding game
connectagram word unscrambling game
py-futures futures implementation for Python
nfoview simple viewer for NFO files
xye puzzle game collecting diamonds and avoiding obstacles
worker Midnight Commander-like file manager for X
cutemaze simple maze game
cmocka elegant unit testing framework for C
galois free multi-dimensional Tetris-like game
uget lightweight graphical download manager
liberalcrimesquad politics and government game with liberal bias
pentobi free clone of Blokus board game
py-cloudpickle extended pickling support for Python objects
lua-bitop library for bitwise operations in Lua
p5-Date-Tolkien-Shire-Data Data functionality for Shire calendars
gravity small, high performance language with a modern syntax
py-iso639 Python library for the ISO 639 language code standard
py-iso3166 self-contained ISO 3166-1 country definitions library
openrct2 open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
algol68g Algol 68 Genie compiler-interpreter
streamlink pipe video streams into a video player
corsixth open source clone of Theme Hospital
gottet Tetris clone game
gnome-twitch desktop client
freebasic open-source, multi-platform BASIC compiler
a60 NASE A60 Algol interpreter
cparser C99 parser and frontend for libFirm
libfirm graph based intermediate representation and backend
hyperrogue roguelike game in a non-Euclidean world
assimp open asset import library
cim GNU Simula compiler
stockfish open source chess engine
postal Postal 1, the non-stop killing isometric shooter game
libmicrohttpd tiny embeddable httpd library written in C
drawpile collaborative drawing program
driver LLVM Fortran compiler driver
flang LLVM Fortran compiler passes and runtime library
returntotheroots open source engine remake of The Settlers 2 (s25client)
freeserf Settlers 1 (Serf City) clone
scid chess database software
openjk open source reimplementation of Jedi Academy game
py-requests-mock mock out responses from py-requests
p5-Getopt-Tabular table-driven argument parsing for Perl 5
openfodder open source port of Cannon Fodder game
regina ANSI-compliant interpreter for REXX language (regina-rexx)
libpgmath LLVM Fortran math library
julius open source re-implementation of Caesar III game engine
jumpnbump game of cute bunnies jumping on each other's heads
py-libarchive-c Python interface to libarchive
game free clone of Dink Smallwood game
openomf free remake of One Must Fall 2097 game engine
openclonk tactical action game focusing on controlling Clonks
spacetrader interstellar trading strategy game
endless-sky space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity
ponyc actor-model, capabilities-secure, high performance language
gpc GNU Pascal compiler
dibuja simple to use paint program
featherpad lightweight Qt5 plain-text editor
py-parallel access to parallel port from Python
pcbasic free, cross-platform emulator for GW-BASIC family (PC-BASIC)
pspp program for statistical analysis of sampled data
spread-sheet-widget spread sheet widget library
diffoscope in-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories
py-magic Python module for file type identification using libmagic
feathernotes lightweight Qt5 notes manager
parlatype minimal audio player for manual speech transcription
freesynd open source reimplementation of Syndicate game
devilutionx open source engine recreation for Diablo 1 game
qtfm desktop-independent Unix file manager
handbrake open source video transcoder
openjazz open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit games
novprog graphical wordcount grapher