The following packages were found for maintainer:
xclip command line interface to X selections
py-dulwich pure Python implementation of Git file formats and protocols
py-gevent network library for easy and scalable concurrency
base Tk client for the Jabber instant messaging system
plugins Tkabber plugins
libzrtp ZRTP library
re portable library for real-time communications
rem library for real-time audio and video processing
restund modular and flexible STUN and TURN Server
py-certifi Python package to check certificates using the OpenBSD CA
py-geventhttpclient high performance, concurrent HTTP client library
xlennart an XBill Modification
txt2man convert ASCII text to man page
fdk-aac modified Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder and decoder
pysol solitaire card games collection
clit convert Microsoft Reader files to OEBPS packages
libtommath number theoretic multiple-precision integer library
go-tools various tools for the Go programming language
go-xlsx library for reading and writing XLSX files
xlsx2csv convert XLSX files to CSV
go-check-v1 testing library for the Go language
gdmap graphical disk map
tclgpg Tcl interface to GNU Privacy Guard
img2pdf losslessly convert images to PDF
cjk east asian fonts for the noto font family
emoji emoji fonts for the noto font family
fonts pan-unicode font family
scour SVG scrubber
imv simple image viewer
quirc QR decoder library
deskew deskew plug-in for GIMP
gnubg GNU Backgammon
py-fastimport parser for and generator of the Git fastimport format
pidgin-window-merge merge Buddy List with a conversation window in Pidgin
telegram-purple Telegram support for Pidgin