The following packages were found for maintainer:
base Tk client for the Jabber instant messaging system
plugins Tkabber plugins
re portable library for real-time communications
rem library for real-time audio and video processing
restund modular and flexible STUN and TURN Server
xlennart an XBill Modification
txt2man convert ASCII text to man page
fdk-aac modified Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder and decoder
clit convert Microsoft Reader files to OEBPS packages
libtommath number theoretic multiple-precision integer library
go-tools various tools for the Go programming language
go-xlsx library for reading and writing XLSX files
xlsx2csv convert XLSX files to CSV
go-check-v1 testing library for the Go language
cjk east asian fonts for the noto font family
emoji emoji fonts for the noto font family
fonts pan-unicode font family
imv simple image viewer
quirc QR decoder library