The following packages were found for maintainer:
ledger command line double-entry accounting ledger
p5-Class-Method-Modifiers provides Moose-like method modifiers
radicale simple CalDAV calendar server
swiggle simple web image gallery generator
p5-Net-SSH Perl extension for SSH secure shell
p5-Net-SCP Perl extension for SCP secure copy protocol
lutok lightweight C++ API for Lua
atf Automated Testing Framework
kyua-cli testing framework
kyua-testers scriptable interfaces to interact with test programs
p5-Import-Into import packages into other packages
p5-Role-Tiny minimalist role composition tool
p5-ExtUtils-Config wrapper for perl's configuration
p5-ExtUtils-Helpers various portability utilities for module builders
p5-ExtUtils-InstallPaths Build.PL install path logic made easy
p5-indirect lexically warn about using the indirect method call syntax
p5-Moo Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility)
p5-strictures turn on strict and make most warnings fatal
opusfile high-level decoding and seeking API for Opus files
p5-App-Cmd write command line apps with less suffering
p5-IO-TieCombine produce tied (and other) separate but combined variables
p5-MooX-Types-MooseLike some Moosish types and a type builder
utfcpp simple, portable library for handling UTF-8 strings