The following packages were found for maintainer:
libmikmod mikmod sound library
hexedit view and edit files in hexadecimal or ASCII
snes9x emulates the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
milkytracker Fasttracker II inspired MOD tracker
tig ncurses Git repository browser
nyancat nyancat in your terminal
mikmod module audio player
tweak efficient hex editor
schismtracker open-source reimplementation of Impulse Tracker
lynx text web browser
ansiweather weather in terminal, with ANSI colors and Unicode symbols
asciiquarium aquarium animation in ASCII art
logswan fast web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures
blockzone pixel-perfect recreation of the original IBM VGA font
ansilove ansi and ascii art to png converter
jo JSON output from a shell
multimail offline mail reader for Blue Wave, QWK, OMEN, SOUP and OPX
lua-lustache implementation of the mustache template system in Lua
lua-markdown Markdown markup system implementation in pure Lua
keystone multi-platform, multi-architecture assembler framework
amigafonts faithfully remade Amiga fonts
hatari Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon emulator
virtualjaguar Atari Jaguar emulator
advancemame MAME port with advanced video support for monitors and TVs
cgterm C/G telnet client for C64 BBSes
goattracker crossplatform music editor for creating Commodore 64 music
grafx2 bitmap paint program inspired by Deluxe Paint and Brilliance
advancemess MESS port with advanced video support for monitors and TVs
ocp UNIX port of Open Cubic Player
lua-cosmo safe templates engine for Lua
lua-tz Lua library for time and date manipulation
lua-utf8 UTF-8 support module for Lua and LuaJIT
kore web application framework for writing scalable web APIs in C
lua-iconv Lua bindings for the iconv library
atari800 Atari 8-bit computer systems and 5200 game console emulator
adplay console-based OPL2 audio player
adplug AdLib sound player library
libbinio binary I/O stream class library
lua-lunamark Lua module for conversion between markup formats
fzy fuzzy text selector for the terminal
psftools conversion tools for .PSF fonts
sgi-fonts bitmap fonts from SGI
brandy interpreter for BBC Basic (Basic V)
duktape embeddable JavaScript engine
libsixel encoder/decoder implementation for DEC SIXEL graphics
ucon64 swiss army knife for video game console emulators
validns DNS and DNSSEC zone file validator
p5-Test-Command-Simple simplify testing of external commands
packetq run SQL queries directly on PCAP files
bdfresize tool for resizing BDF format fonts
newsboat RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals
qodem Qodem Terminal Emulator
lua-psl Lua bindings to libpsl
p5-List-SomeUtils Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
p5-List-SomeUtils-XS XS implementation for List::SomeUtils
p5-Math-Int64 manipulate 64 bits integers in Perl
mame Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
lua-compat53 compatibility module providing Lua 5.3 style APIs
lua-mmdb Lua library for MaxMind GeoIP2/GeoLite2 databases