The following packages were found for maintainer:
rhythmbox integrated music management application for GNOME
evolution-data-server unified backend for PIM programs
atk accessibility toolkit used by gtk+
flawfinder C/C++ source code auditing tool
gconf-editor editor for the GConf configuration system
gconf2 configuration database system for GNOME
glade user interface builder for the gtk+3 toolkit
libIDL IDL parsing library
libglade2 library for loading GLADE interface files at runtime
libgsf GNOME Structured File library
libgtop2 portable library for obtaining system information
libidn internationalized string handling
libsoup HTTP client/server library for GNOME
libwnck window navigator construction kit
p5-Class-Data-Inheritable inheritable, overridable class data
p5-Event event loop processing
p5-IO-stringy in-core objects like strings and arrays for I/O
p5-Object-Realize perl module to implementing delay loading of object-data
p5-String-Scanf Emulates the sscanf() of the C stdio library
p5-Term-Screen positioning screen based module
p5-Test-Manifest interact with a t/test_manifest file
p5-Want generalisation of wantarray
gthumb image viewer and browser for GNOME
arena lightweight scripting language with C-like syntax
librep Emacs Lisp-like runtime library
evolution integrated email and PIM software for GNOME
p5-Mail-POP3Client perl module to talk to a POP3 (RFC1081) server
gnuwatch GNU watch command
arpwatch monitor arp & rarp requests
p5-Net-IP perl module for IPv4/IPv6 address parsing
p5-Digest-SHA1 module to calculate SHA1 digests
p5-Filesys-Virtual-Plain perl module for a plain virtual filesystem
p5-Pod-POM convert Pod documents into a simple object model form
p5-String-ShellQuote Quote strings for passing through the shell
p5-XML-DOM perl module to build DOM Level 1 structures
p5-XML-NamespaceSupport perl module to the SAX2 NamespaceSupport class
p5-XML-RSS-Parser liberal object-oriented parser for RSS feeds
p5-XML-Writer perl extension for writing XML documents
epiphany GNOME web browser based on webkit
p5-HTTP-GetImages spider to recover and store images from web pages
desktop components for the GNOME desktop
eog Eye of GNOME, image viewing and cataloging program
gdm GNOME display manager
gedit lightweight GNOME text editor
icon-theme base icon theme for GNOME
keyring password agent for the GNOME project
libbonobo GNOME component and compound document system
libbonoboui user interface components for bonobo
libgnome libraries for the GNOME project
libgnomecanvas graphics library for GNOME
libgnomeui user interface components for GNOME
librsvg SAX-based render library for SVG files
libxklavier utility library for XKB
menus implementation of the FreeDesktop Desktop Menu Spec
mime-data MIME and application database for GNOME
nautilus GNOME file manager
session GNOME session
terminal GNOME terminal
vfs2 GNOME Virtual File System
yelp GNOME help browser
zenity dialogs for GNOME
evince GNOME document viewer
doc-utils collection of documentation utilities for the GNOME project
iso-codes lists of the country, language and currency iso names
backgrounds wallpapers for GNOME
libxml++ C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
gucharmap Unicode character map for the GNOME project
libgnomekbd keyboard configuration library
devhelp API documentation browser for GNOME
file-roller archive manager utility for GNOME
planner project management application
telepathy-mission-control abstraction layer between apps and connection managers
telepathy-glib flexible communications framework, glib bindings
devel-docs developer documentation for GNOME
gedit-plugins plugins for Gedit
seahorse GNOME encryption interface
ghex binary editor
gdl GNOME Docking Library
orca assistive screen reader
vinagre remote desktop viewer for GNOME
gtk-vnc VNC viewer widget for GTK
totem-pl-parser GObject-based parsing library
totem official media player for GNOME
mono-gnome .NET language bindings for assorted GNOME libraries
gforth ANSI/200x Forth interpreter and compiler
libgweather weather information access library
settings-daemon GNOME settings daemon
json-glib JSON parser for GLib-based libraries and applications
clutter-gst clutter GStreamer integration library
core OpenGL-based interactive canvas library
clutter-gtk GTK+ widget for clutter
tracker metadata database and search tool
libgdata Google Data API based Glib client library
libffi Foreign Function Interface
gobject-introspection GObject Introspection
librest access web services that claim to be RESTful
eog-plugins plugins for EOG
system-monitor sytem monitor for GNOME
libgnome-keyring library for gnome keyring integration
telepathy-logger flexible communications framework, logger component
libgee GObject based collection library
icon-theme-symbolic base icon theme extension for special UI contexts
user-docs general user documentation for GNOME
libgexiv2 GObject wrapper around exiv2
folks people aggregation library
dconf configuration backend system
binutils binutils for msp430
gdb gdb for msp430
gcc gcc for msp430
libc libc for msp430
mspdebug debugger for use with MSP 430 MCUs
clojure Lisp-1 dialect for the Java Virtual Machine
mm-common common build utilities for GNOME C++ binding libraries
zeromq open source message queue optimised for performance
naken430asm assembler/disassembler/simulator for MSP430 MCUs
libpeas gobject-based plugins engine
gtksourceview3 text widget that extends the GTK3 GtkTextView widget
gjs Javascript bindings for GNOME
at-spi2-core service interface for assistive technologies
at-spi2-atk atk-bridge for at-spi2
py-atspi python bindings for at-spi2
libwnck3 window navigator construction kit
yelp-xsl XSLT stylesheets for yelp
power-manager GNOME power manager
taskwarrior command line todo list manager
p5-Devel-Size-Report generate a size report for all elements in a structure
core framework for creating UPnP devices and control points
gssdp API for handling SSDP resource discovery and announcement
igd library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping
dlna DLNA integration for GUPnP
av helpers for building A/V applications using GUPnP
tools collection of developer-oriented UPnP tools
evolution-rss RSS reader plugin for evolution
gmc4cc C compiler for GMC-4
msp430mcu C headers and binutils linker scripts for msp430
jna Java Native Access (JNA)
goocanvas2 canvas widget for GTK+ based on Cairo
libcryptui interface components for OpenPGP
vte3 terminal emulation library
seahorse-sharing PGP public keys sharing via DNS-SD and HKP
online-accounts interfaces for interacting with online accounts
cogl modern 3D graphics API
contacts contacts manager for GNOME
yelp-tools utilities to manage documentation for Yelp and the web
color-manager color profile manager for GNOME
grilo-plugins plugins for Grilo
grilo framework for making media discovery and browsing easy
msp430 MSP430 meta-package
evolution-ews evolution connector for MS Exchange via EWS
gcr library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
baobab directory tree analyzer for GNOME
font-viewer font viewer for GNOME
dictionary GNOME dictionary application
screenshot screenshot application for GNOME
seahorse-nautilus GnuPG extension for nautilus(1)
libsecret library for storing and retrieving passwords and secrets
i3status generate a statusbar for use with i3/xmobar/dzen2
elixir functional language for building scalable applications
libpwquality library to generate, and check strengh of passwords
sushi quick previewer for Nautilus
caribou input assistive technology
documents document and e-books manager for GNOME
mutter window and compositing manager
shell next generation GNOME shell
py-elftools ELF and DWARF parser library for Python
libchamplain library to provide a GTK+ widget to display maps
libzapojit GLib/GObject wrapper for SkyDrive and Hotmail REST APIs
clocks clock application for GNOME
projectlibre open source alternative to Microsoft Project
p5-Puppet-Tidy perl script to Tidy Puppet manifests
py-M2Crypto crypto and ssl toolkit for python
photos access, organize and share your photos on GNOME
calculator GNOME desktop calculator
shell-extensions collection of extensions for GNOME Shell
getting-started-docs getting started with GNOM
weather weather application for GNOME
gitolite secure hosting of Git repositories
solarus open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine
zsxd fan made parody Zelda game for Solarus engine
zsdx fan made Zelda game for Solarus engine
birdfont free font editor for TTF, EOT, and SVG fonts
salt remote execution and configuration management system
geoclue2 modular geoinformation service on top of D-Bus
geocode-glib convenience library for the geocoding
maps map application for GNOME
music GNOME music playing application
online-miners crawls through your online content
bijiben simple note editor
initial-setup initial-setup firstboot-like tool
salt-testing common testing tools used in the Salt Stack projects
libmediaart media art extraction and cache management library
gfbgraph GObject library for Facebook Graph API
mfi Ubiquiti mfi wireless controller
ocrfeeder OCR and DAR program
portroach OpenBSD ports distfile version scanner
uhttpmock HTTP web service mocking library
quadrapassel fit falling blocks together
adwaita-icon-theme base icon theme for GNOME
xkbcommon library to handle keyboard descriptions
libgxps GObject library for handling and rendering XPS documents
aisleriot suite of solitaire card games
tmux-mem-cpu-load CPU, RAM memory, and load monitor for use with tmux(1)
control-center GNOME control center
dconf-editor graphical dconf(1) editor
epub-thumbnailer thumbnailer for EPub and MOBI books
calendar GNOME calendar
builder IDE for GNOME
characters GNOME utility to insert unusual characters
mosquitto opensource MQTT broker
pgcluu PostgreSQL performances monitoring and auditing tool
libxmlbird XML parser written in Vala
py-libnacl python bindings for libsodium/tweetnacl based on ctypes
cl-launch uniform frontend to running Common Lisp code from the shell
rofi window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
todo simple task management application
roth fan made Zelda game for Solarus engine
autoconf-archive collection of macros for GNU Autoconf
libxml++3 C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
ttfautohint automated hinting process based on FreeType's autohinter
fantasque-sans programming font designed with functionality in mind
libdwarf library to access the DWARF debugging file format
filebeat lightweight shipper for log file data
packetbeat lightweight shipper for real-time network analytics
hwsensorsbeat lightweight shipper for hw.sensors data
tmuxinator create and manage complex tmux sessions easily
nanomsg socket library providing multiple communication patterns
qutebrowser keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI
ctftools collection of CTF tools
autoar GLib wrapper around libarchive
libgepub GObject based library for rendering epub docs
py-ghmi pure python IPMI protocol library
recipes recipe manager for GNOME
i3lock improved screen locker
borgmatic wrapper for Borg to create and prune backups
gdcm cross-platform DICOM implementation
server RESTful DICOM server for healthcare and medical research
postgresql-plugin PostgreSQL backend for Orthanc
webviewer-plugin web viewer plugin for Orthanc
virt-what detect if we are running in a virtual machine
tracker-miners tracker miners and metadata extractors
tepl Text Editor Product Line
libdazzle companion library to GObject and Gtk+
fierce DNS reconnaissance tool for locating non-contiguous IP space
recon-ng web reconnaissance framework
py-dicttoxml convert dicts and other data types into XML
py-unicodecsv drop-in replace for csv with unicode support
cppzmq C++ bindings for ZeroMQ
py-croniter datetime-iterator for cron-like formats
py-pyinotify filesystem events monitoring
suricata high performance network IDS, IPS and security monitoring
py-PyNaCl Python binding to the NaCl library
py-napalm network automation abstraction layer
py-netmiko simplify Paramiko connections to network devices
py-scp scp module for Paramiko
py-textfsm parse semi-structured text into Python table
usage system resources status
tweaks customize advanced GNOME 3 options
latex LaTeX editor for the GNOME desktop
gtksourceview4 text widget that extends the GTK3 GtkTextView widget
libsass C/C++ implementation of a Sass compiler
sassc libsass command line driver
themes-extra extra themes for GNOME applications
py-eapi Python client for Arista eAPI
py-ncclient Python library for NETCONF clients
py-nxos library for managing Cisco NX-OS devices through NX-API
py-junos-eznc library for Junos automation
py-IOSXR library to manage IOS-XR devices
py-cryptodome self-contained cryptographic library for Python
py-natsort simple yet flexible natural sorting
py-pygfm GitHub Flavored Markdown extension
py-graphviz simple Python interface for Graphviz
py-pynetbox NetBox API client library
py-pf Python module for managing PF
fastnetmon DDoS detector with multiple packet capture engines
chrome-gnome-shell GNOME Shell integration for Chrome
amtk Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit
spidermonkey60 C/C++ Mozilla's JavaScript engine implementation
ROPgadget Gadgets finder and auto-roper
py-unicorn Unicorn CPU emulator engine
pwntools Pwntools CTF framework and exploit development library
boofuzz extensible network protocol fuzzer
py-ana distributed data storage classes
py-cooldict some useful dict-like structures
py-cachetools extensible memoizing collections and decorators
py-networkx module for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
py-mulpyplexer module that multiplexes interactions with lists of objects
py-z3-solver efficient SMT solver library (angr fork)
py-claripy abstraction layer for constraint solvers
py-angr multi-architecture binary analysis toolkit
py-archinfo classes with architecture-specific information
py-pyvex Python interface to libVEX and VEX IR
py-ailment angr intermediate language
py-cle CLE loads binaries and their associated libraries
angrop ROP chain builder based off of angr
accerciser interactive accessibility explorer
polybar fast and easy-to-use status bar