The following packages were found for maintainer:
nap gnu curses-based napster client
atlas C++ reference implementation of the Atlas protocol
smpeg MPEG video player library with sound support
amph jump'n run game with unique video effects
fire organic fireworks demo
gtkballs gtk+ clone of the lines ball logic game
heroes graphically improved game of yore
icebreaker jezzball-style, penguin puzzle game
lgeneral turn-based strategy engine
newvox voxel-style landscape rendering fly-by
sdlzombies zombies clone
xpilot multiplayer 2d space battles game
dumpmpeg dump frames from mpeg-1 movies
enjoympeg mpeg-1 video player
iview image viewer for X
p5-Imager generate and manipulate images
mcsim monte carlo simulation software
sc curses spreadsheet-calculator program
yorick interpreted language for scientific computing
p5-Net-RawIP module to manipulate raw ip packets
xuvmstat graphical display for the current uvm status
palm-bookmarks bookmarks on your palm
bibelot format/convert text documents into compressed .pdb files