The following packages were found for maintainer:
doxygen source code documentation generator tool
lftp shell-like command line ftp and sftp client
boost free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
netbeans NetBeans Java IDE
mkvtoolnix create, alter and inspect Matroska files
tellico organizer for book/dvd/music collections
ktorrent BitTorrent Client
krusader twin panel file manager for KDE
inkscape SVG vector drawing application
qt-creator cross-platform IDE for use with Qt
libraw library for reading RAW files
droplet high performance Cloud Storage client library
calligra K Desktop Environment, office suite
maim desktop screenshot utility (make image)
slop query for a selection and print to stdout (select operation)
tinc Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon
grive2 third-party client for Google Drive
nomacs small and fast Qt image viewer
libstrophe simple, lightweight XMPP C library
profanity console based XMPP client
knockpy subdomain scanner
doxygen-gui GUI front-end for doxygen
universal-ctags multilanguage reimplementation of the Unix ctags utility
xwallpaper wallpaper setting utility for X
keepassxc management tool for password and sensitive data
krita advanced drawing and image manipulation
x2goclient Qt4 client for the X2Go system
dlib C++ toolkit for machine learning and data analysis
qdirstat Qt-based directory statistics
clazy static source code analyzer for Qt5-based C++
catch2 C++-native, header-only, test framework for unit-tests
kdb database connectivity and creation framework
kexi visual database applications creator
kproperty property editing framework with editor widget
kreport framework for generation of reports in multiple formats
pycharm Python IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA
font-awesome full suite pictographic icons
bitcoin P2P payment system
kdiagram libraries for creating business diagrams