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Version: 5.42.0, Package name: kf5-kirigami2-5.42.0
Maintained by: KDE porting team
Master sites:
Kirigami is a set of QtQuick components at the moment targeted for mobile use
(in the future desktop as well) targeting both Plasma Mobile and Android.

Filesize: 290.324 KB
Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2018-02-13) Updated to version: kf5-kirigami2-5.42.0
  • (2018-01-10) Updated to version: kf5-kirigami2-5.41.0
  • (2017-10-26) Package added to openports.se, version kf5-kirigami2-5.38.0 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2018-01-09 14:10:40 by Rafael Sadowski | Files touched by this commit (155)
Log message:
Update KDE Frameworks to 5.41.0
Update kdelibs4support to 5.39.0 and not to 5.41.0 because otherwise the
openssl stuff will do too much work.
(Make kssl compile against OpenSSL 1.1.0 (bug 370223)).
Tested in an bulk by landry@ Thanks!
ok landry@