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Version: 1.2.0, Package name: daemon_controller-1.2.0
Maintained by: Jeremy Evans
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  • rbx
  • jruby
daemon_controller is a library for starting and stopping specific
daemons programmatically in a robust, race-condition-free manner.

It's not a daemon monitoring system like God or Monit. It's also not a
library for writing daemons.

It provides the following functionality:

Starting daemons. If the daemon fails to start then an exception
will be raised. daemon_controller can even detect failures that
occur after the daemon has already daemonized.

Starting daemons is done in a race-condition-free manner. If another
process using daemon_controller is trying to start the same daemon,
then daemon_controller will guarantee serialization.

daemon_controller also raises an exception if it detects that the
daemon is already started.

Connecting to a daemon, starting it if it's not already started.
This too is done in a race-condition-free manner. If the daemon
fails to start then an exception will be raised.

Stopping daemons.

Checking whether a daemon is running.

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  • (2014-06-26) Updated to version: daemon_controller-1.2.0
  • (2011-11-17) Package added to openports.se, version daemon_controller-0.2.6 (created)
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