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./devel/ruby-mspec [specialized test framework for running RubySpecs]

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Version: 1.5.17, Package name: mspec-1.5.17
Maintained by: Jeremy Evans
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  • ruby18
  • ruby19
  • ruby20
  • ruby21
  • ruby22
  • rbx
  • jruby
MSpec is a specialized framework that is syntax-compatible with RSpec
for basic things like describe, it blocks and before, after actions.

MSpec contains additional features that assist in writing the RubySpecs
used by multiple Ruby implementations. Also, MSpec attempts to use the
simplest Ruby language features so that beginning Ruby implementations
can run it.

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  • (2017-11-15) Package deleted from Ports
  • (2010-12-21) Package added to, version mspec-1.5.17 (created)
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