Category listing - fonts

abyssinica Ethiopic Unicode script
amigafonts faithfully remade Amiga fonts
andika clear sans serif, Unicode-compliant font
anonymous-pro fixed width sans font designed especially for coders
arabeyes-ttf Arabeyes TrueType Arabic fonts
artwiz-aleczapka improved artwiz fonts
blockzone pixel-perfect recreation of the original IBM VGA font
cantarell-fonts humanist sans-serif font family
charis readable Unicode font for laser printers
clearsans versatile font for on-screen legibility
comic-neue replacement for Comic Sans font
dai-banna Unicode font package for New Tai Lue characters
dina-fonts monospace bitmap font, primarily aimed at programmers
doulos Unicode-based font for Roman and Cyrillic
ecoliercourt-fonts dip pen style TTF fonts
fantasque-sans programming font designed with functionality in mind
farsi-bfonts-ttf farsi bornaray fonts
farsifonts-ttf ISIRI 6219 conforming Farsi fonts
fira-fonts Firefox OS typeface
font-awesome full suite pictographic icons
free3of9-ttf 3 of 9 (code 39) barcode fonts
freefarsi-ttf free TrueType Persian fonts
freefont-ttf free UCS outline fonts
freefonts collection of ATM fonts from the CICA archives
gentium readable font for Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek
go-fonts Go TrueType fonts
gohufont monospace bitmap font for programming and terminal use
hack-fonts typeface designed for source code
hermit-font clear, readable monospaced font
ibm-plex IBM's corporate type family
inconsolata-font monospace font designed for coders
intlfonts extra japanese fonts
ja-funetfonts extra japanese fonts, marumoji
ja-kanjistrokeorders-ttf font to view stroke order diagrams for Kanji, Kana and etc
ja-sazanami-ttf japanese true type fonts
jmk-fonts nice fixed width fonts, easy on the eye
junicode advanced Unicode font for medievalists
ko-baekmuk-fonts extra Korean fonts
ko-baekmuk-ttf Baekmuk Korean truetype fonts
ko-hanterm-fonts extra Korean fonts
league-fonts fonts from the League of Moveable Type
liberation-fonts substitute for MS TTF core fonts
linuxlibertine-fonts-otf high-quality libre OTF fonts (serif, 19th century book type)
linuxlibertine-fonts-ttf high-quality libre fonts (serif, 19th century book type)
lohit-fonts TrueType fonts for Indic scripts
migmix mixture of M+ and IPA Gothic fonts, focused on kanji
migu mixture of M+ and IPA Gothic fonts, focused on kanji
mplus-fonts collection of Japanese sans-serif fonts
msctfonts Microsoft ClearType fonts
msttcorefonts Microsoft TrueType core fonts
overpass font family inspired by Highway Gothic
pkfonts English PK fonts (300dpi) for ghostscript, xdvi, etc.
powerline-fonts patched fonts with symbols for powerline/airline
profont fixed width fonts especially for long hacking sessions
roboto-fonts sans-serif typeface family of Android OS
ru-pscyr cyrillic PostScript Type1 fonts to use with TeX
ru-ptsans free Cyrillic fonts
sgi-fonts bitmap fonts from SGI
spranq-ecofont-ttf ink-saving font based on Vera Sans
sunscreen disco-inspired display face
symbola-ttf free unicode symbol font
terminus-font fixed width fonts especially for long hacking sessions
ubuntu-fonts unicode sans-serif/monospace TrueType fonts from Ubuntu
zh-arphicttf chinese big5/gb truetype fonts
zh-kcfonts extra chinese fonts
zh-taipeifonts extra chinese fonts
zh-wqy-bitmapfont Wen Quan Yi bitmap song CJK fonts
zh-wqy-zenhei-ttf Wen Quan Yi Zen Hei outline font
un-fonts Subfolder
adobe-fonts Subfolder
noto Subfolder