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Version: 0.0.20090509, Package name: marathon-evil-0.0.20090509
Maintained by: Peter Hessler
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You've played the Marathon Trilogy until your hands spasmed. You risked
friendships and relationships to get to the end. Finally you completed
the Marathon Trilogy, and thought your trials were ending.

You were wrong.

It's time for a new era, an EVIL era.

You awake aboard a UESC Ship that has just fallen through an anomaly in
space which also sucked in an enemy ship. Suddenly all the weapons on board
become armed and activated forcing the crew to abandon ship to the planet

Once on the planet below, a new world awaits. A world of EVIL.

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  • (2009-05-18) Package added to openports.se, version marathon-evil-0.0.20090509 (created)
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