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Version: 6.0, Package name: py-qrcode-6.0
Maintained by: Ingo Feinerer
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  • python3
QR (Quick Response) codes are 2D pictographic codes that can encode many types
of data. They can be quickly machine-read and are quite robust.

This package provides qrcode, a pure Python module to generate QR codes, with
direct output as SVG, or in other image formats via modules such as Pillow and

It also provides qr(1), a script using the above module, which can take data
from standard input or the command line and format as a QR code. By default,
ASCII art will be used if output is directed to the terminal, otherwise an
image file will be output.

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  • (2018-05-28) Package added to openports.se, version py-qrcode-6.0 (created)
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