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Version: 2.5, Package name: compcert-2.5
Maintained by: Daniel Dickman
Master sites:
The CompCert C verified compiler is a compiler for a large subset
of the C programming language that generates code for the PowerPC,
ARM and x86 processors.

The distinguishing feature of CompCert is that it has been formally
verified using the Coq proof assistant: the generated assembly code
is formally guaranteed to behave as prescribed by the semantics of
the source C code.

CompCert is not free software. This non-commercial release can only
be used for evaluation, research, educational and personal purposes.
A commercial version of CompCert, without this restriction and with
professional support, can be purchased from AbsInt. See the file
LICENSE for more information.

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  • (2015-09-05) Package added to openports.se, version compcert-2.5 (created)
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