./math/py-numexpr [fast numerical expression evaluator for NumPy]
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Version: 2.6.2, Package name: py-numexpr-2.6.2
Maintained by: Alexandr Shadchin
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  • python3
Numexpr is a fast numerical expression evaluator for NumPy. With it,
expressions that operate on arrays (like "3*a+4*b") are accelerated
and use less memory than doing the same calculation in Python.

In addition, its multi-threaded capabilities can make use of all your
cores, which may accelerate computations, most specially if they are
not memory-bounded (e.g. those using transcendental functions).

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  • (2017-04-24) Package added to openports.se, version py-numexpr-2.6.2 (created)
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