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Version: 2.27, Package name: uniutils-2.27
Maintained by: Nicholas Marriott
Master sites:
Uniutils consists of five programs for finding out what is in a Unicode

uniname defaults to printing the character offset of each character, its
byte offset, its hex code value, its encoding, the glyph itself, and its

unidesc reports the character ranges to which different portions of the
text belong. It can also be used to identify Unicode encodings (e.g.
UTF-16be) flagged by magic numbers.

unihist generates a histogram of the characters in its input, which must
be encoded in UTF-8 Unicode.

ExplicateUTF8 is intended for debugging or for learning about Unicode.
It determines and explains the validity of a sequence of bytes as a UTF8

unireverse is a filter that reverses UTF-8 strings character-by-
character (as opposed to byte-by-byte).

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  • (2009-10-12) Package added to openports.se, version uniutils-2.27 (created)
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