./security/acme-client [privilege-separated letsencrypt client]
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Version: 0.1.16, Package name: acme-client-0.1.16
Maintained by: Stuart Henderson
Master sites:
acme-client is a client for the ACME protocol used by the Let's Encrypt CA.
It uses isolated processes for various operations - network code doesn't
have access to the filesystem, etc - this is enforced by pledge(2).

acme-client is present in the OpenBSD base system. This package is for the
original version, which uses a different configuration interface (CLI rather
than configuration file). It also supports the DNS-01 challenge type which
is not currently available in the version in the base system.

The executable is installed as "eacme-client".

Filesize: 54.745 KB
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  • (2020-01-13) Package added to openports.se, version acme-client-0.1.16 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2020-01-17 07:13:51 by Stuart Henderson | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
warn that this port only supports ACMEv1 which let's encrypt will stop