./sysutils/tarsnapper [tarsnap wrapper which automatically expires backups]
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Version: 0.4.0, Package name: tarsnapper-0.4.0
Maintained by: Michael Reed
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Tarsnapper is a wrapper around tarsnap which:

- Lets you define "backup jobs" (tarsnap invocations) in a config file, though
on it's own this has little advantage over just using a a shell script.

- Lets you expire old backups using a Grandfather-father-son backup scheme.
This feature can be used in conjunction with tarsnapper backup jobs, or
standalone, to be applied to any existing set of tarsnap backup archives,
regardless of how they have been created.

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  • (2017-08-13) Package added to openports.se, version tarsnapper-0.4.0 (created)
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