Category listing - x11/kde-applications

analitza KDE mathematical features
ark archiving Tool
cantor KDE mathematical applications
dolphin KDE File Manager
dolphin-plugins Dolphin plugins
dragon simple video player for KDE
kalgebra scientific calculator for KDE
kate KDE advanced text editor
kcalc KDE versatile math calculator
kcalcore The KDE calendar access library
kdegraphics-mobipocket collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files
kdenlive non-linear video editor for KDE
kig KDE geometric constructions explorer
kimap job-based API for interacting with IMAP servers
kmbox library for accessing mail storages in MBox format
kmime library for handling mail messages and newsgroup articles
konsole KDE terminal emulator
kpimtextedit textedit with PIM-specific features
kqtquickcharts QtQuick plugin to render interactive charts
ktouch KDE typing learning tool
libkdcraw KDE wrapper around the LibRaw library
libkexiv2 EXIV2 Library interface for KDE
libkface face detection library for KDE
libkgeomap library for mapping photos on maps for KDE
libkipi interface to use kipi-plugins from a KDE application
libkmahjongg common sets for games using Mahjongg tiles
libkomparediff2 library to compare files and strings
okteta Hex Editor
svgpart KPart for viewing SVGs
umbrello UML Modeller