Category listing - x11/kde4

amor fun desktop animation
artwork KDE graphics, styles and screensavers
audiocd-kio KDE KIOslave for accessing audio CDs
baloo KDE file search and metadata handling framework
baloo-widgets Baloo-based KDE Plasma widgets
base-artwork KDE KSplash theme
baseapps KDE base applications
dev-scripts KDE development helper scripts
dev-utils KDE development helper utilities
ffmpegthumbs KDE FFmpeg-based thumbnail generator for video files
graphics-mobipocket KDE mobipocket plugins for Strigi, Okular and thumbnails
graphics-strigi-analyzer KDE strigi analyzer for graphics files
graphics-thumbnailers KDE thumbnail creation plugins
jovie KDE text to speech application
kaccessible KDE screenreader and focus tracking
kactivities KDE Activity rooms management
kapptemplate app template generator for KDE development
kcachegrind KDE GUI for profilers
kcharselect KDE character select and clipboard copy
kdf KDE storage device statistics
kfilemetadata file metadata extraction library for KDE
kfloppy graphical floppy format utility for KDE
kgamma KDE screen gamma management
kgpg KDE interface to GnuPG
kimono KDE bindings for .NET
kmix KDE audio mixer
kopete multi-protocol instant messenger for KDE
korundum KDE bindings for Ruby
kpat solitare games collection for KDE
kppp dialer and pppd front-end for KDE
krdc KDE remote desktop client
kremotecontrol KDE frontend for remote controls
krfb desktop sharing
kross-interpreters KDE bindings for running interpreters
kscd audio CD player for KDE
kteatime simple timer tray app for KDE
ktimer graphical timer based task execution for KDE
ktux KDE screensaver of outer space with Tux
kuser user management application for KDE
libkcddb KDE CDDB library
libkcompactdisc KDE compact discs interface library
libkdeedu KDE libraries for education apps
libkdegames common library for KDE-based games
libkexiv2 KDE exiv2 wrapper
libkmahjongg common library for Mah Jongg-based KDE games
libs KDE core libraries
lokalize KDE app localization tools
mplayerthumbs KDE MPlayer-based thumbnail generator for video files
nepomuk-core KDE Nepomuk core libraries
nepomuk-widgets Nepomuk-based KDE Plasma widgets
network-filesharing KDE network file sharing components
network-strigi-analyzers Strigi analyzers of network-related streams for KDE
p5-kde KDE bindings for Perl
p5-qt Qt4 bindings for Perl
pairs memory and pairs game for KDE
parley vocabulary trainer for KDE
pim KDE personal information management
pim-runtime KDE PIM runtime support
pimlibs libraries for KDE PIM services
plasma-addons extra KDE plasmoids
poxml convert PO files to XML
print-manager printing management for KDE
py-kde KDE 4 bindings for Python
qyoto Qt4 bindings for .NET/Mono
ruby-qt Ruby bindings for Qt4
runtime KDE core run-time components
sdk-kioslaves development-related KIO modules
sdk-strigi-analyzers Strigi analyzers for development files
sdk-thumbnailers KDE thumbnail generators for development files
smokegen programming language wrapper generator
smokekde introspective wrappers around KDE
smokeqt introspective wrappers around Qt
superkaramba interactive desktop widgets for KDE
svgpart KDE KPart for viewing SVG
wallpapers KDE collection of wallpapers
webdev web development tools for KDE
workspace KDE workspace