The following packages were found for maintainer:
tidy correct and clean up HTML and XML
xastir X amateur station tracking and info reporting
fritzing interactive electronics designing software
gyp generate SCons/Makefiles from platform-independent input
luakit fast, small, webkit based browser written in lua
p5-Clipboard Perl extension to access the x11 clipboard
hermit-font clear, readable monospaced font
lwjgl lightweight game library for java
py-netaddr network address representation and manipulation library
py-sockjs-tornado sockjs python server implementation for tornado
py-flask-login user session management for flask
py-flask-principal identity management for flask
fsharp functional-first programming language
ioquake3 clone of the original Quake III Arena
printrun 3D printing host suite
fish friendly interactive shell
opmsg a replacement for gpg which can encrypt/sign/verify
geckodriver W3C webdriver for Gecko-based browsers
edbrowse command-line editor and web browser
restic-rest-server REST backend for the restic backup tool
restic fast, efficient and secure backup program
keybase client for
gopass pass compatible password manager written in go
age simple, modern and secure file encryption tool
pass-otp OTP extension for password-store
ogvt simple tool for verifying gpg signatures
sqlc create type safe go from SQL