The following packages were found for maintainer:
lame lame ain't an MP3 encoder
rhythmbox integrated music management application for GNOME
evolution-data-server unified backend for PIM programs
atk accessibility toolkit used by gtk+
desktop-file-utils utilities for dot.desktop entries
fribidi library implementing the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
gconf2 configuration database system for GNOME
glade user interface builder for the gtk+3 toolkit
glib2 general-purpose utility library
glib2mm C++ interface for glib2
libIDL IDL parsing library
libglade2 library for loading GLADE interface files at runtime
libgsf GNOME Structured File library
libidn internationalized string handling
libsigc++-2 callback framework for C++
libsoup HTTP client/server library for GNOME
libwnck window navigator construction kit
pango library for layout and rendering of text
abiword free cross-platform WYSIWYG word processor
ldapvi update LDAP entries with a text editor
cairo vector graphics library
dia technical diagrams drawing tool
gphoto2 digital camera command-line interface
gthumb image viewer and browser for GNOME
libgphoto2 digital camera library
py-cairo cairo bindings for Python
sane-backends API for accessing scanners, backends
cyrus-imapd Cyrus IMAP server
evolution integrated email and PIM software for GNOME
gnumeric spreadsheet application for GNOME
shared-mime-info shared mime database for desktops
rsnapshot remote filesystem snapshot utility
a2ps format files for printing on PostScript printers
psutils utilities for manipulating PostScript documents
gnucash personal and small-business financial-accounting software
cyrus-sasl2 RFC 2222 SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer)
gnutls GNU Transport Layer Security library
libgcrypt crypto library based on code used in GnuPG
libgpg-error error codes for GnuPG related software
libtasn1 Abstract Syntax Notation One structure parser library
gtkspell gtk+2 spelling checker
epiphany GNOME web browser based on webkit
desktop components for the GNOME desktop
eog Eye of GNOME, image viewing and cataloging program
gdm GNOME display manager
gedit lightweight GNOME text editor
icon-theme base icon theme for GNOME
keyring password agent for the GNOME project
libbonobo GNOME component and compound document system
libbonoboui user interface components for bonobo
libgnome libraries for the GNOME project
libgnomecanvas graphics library for GNOME
libgnomeui user interface components for GNOME
librsvg SAX-based render library for SVG files
libxklavier utility library for XKB
menus implementation of the FreeDesktop Desktop Menu Spec
mime-data MIME and application database for GNOME
nautilus GNOME file manager
session GNOME session
terminal GNOME terminal
vfs2 GNOME Virtual File System
yelp GNOME help browser
zenity dialogs for GNOME
gtk2mm C++ interface for gtk2+
hicolor-icon-theme fallback theme of the icon theme specification
evince GNOME document viewer
mimedefang mailfilter to identify and mark spam
xsane scanner frontend for SANE
dbus-glib glib bindings for dbus message system
enchant generic spell checking library
libcroco generic CSS parsing library for GNOME project
tuxpaint drawing program for children
tuxpaint-config graphical tool to change Tux Paint's settings
tuxpaint-stamps rubber stamps collection for Tux Paint
gcompris educational game for children
backgrounds wallpapers for GNOME
libxml++ C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
stellarium free open source planetarium
cairomm C++ interface for cairo
gnugk H.323 gatekeeper
py-gobject Python bindings for glib2 gobject (deprecated)
gucharmap Unicode character map for the GNOME project
libgnomekbd keyboard configuration library
gmime MIME messages creation and parsing library
pcmanfm fast and lightweight file manager
devhelp API documentation browser for GNOME
file-roller archive manager utility for GNOME
libpaper library for handling paper characteristics
celestia free space simulator and planetarium
openvmps free implementation of Cisco VMPS
foomatic-db-engine Foomatic PPD generator
foomatic-db Foomatic PPD data
goffice document centric objects and utilities
foo2zjs driver for ZjStream wire protocol compatible printers
gutenprint high quality print drivers for foomatic and CUPS
p5-Net-DBus Perl API to the dbus inter-application messaging system
devel-docs developer documentation for GNOME
gedit-plugins plugins for Gedit
seahorse GNOME encryption interface
ghex binary editor
gdl GNOME Docking Library
orca assistive screen reader
system-config-printer printer (CUPS) administration tool
py-cups CUPS bindings for Python
babl dynamic pixel format conversion library
py-xdg python library to access standards
gtk-vnc VNC viewer widget for GTK
totem-pl-parser GObject-based parsing library
totem official media player for GNOME
gtklp GTK+ frontend to CUPS
mono-gnome .NET language bindings for assorted GNOME libraries
libgweather weather information access library
xdg-user-dirs utilities to manage well known user directories
xdg-utils utilities to assist desktop integration tasks
settings-daemon GNOME settings daemon
libspectre library for rendering Postscript documents
sound-theme-freedesktop XDG sound theme
bro network analysis and security monitoring framework
json-glib JSON parser for GLib-based libraries and applications
pangomm C++ interface for pango
clutter-gst clutter GStreamer integration library
core OpenGL-based interactive canvas library
clutter-gtk GTK+ widget for clutter
splix CUPS drivers for SPL printers
tracker metadata database and search tool
consolekit framework for defining and tracking users, sessions & seats
xdg-user-dirs-gtk integration of xdg-user-dirs into GNOME/gtk+
libgdata Google Data API based Glib client library
gobject-introspection GObject Introspection
librest access web services that claim to be RESTful
eog-plugins plugins for EOG
gamin file and directory monitoring system
simple-scan simple scanning utility
h323plus H.323 video conferencing library
ptlib portable tools library
system-monitor sytem monitor for GNOME
libgnome-keyring library for gnome keyring integration
libgee GObject based collection library
icon-theme-symbolic base icon theme extension for special UI contexts
polkit framework for granting privileged operations to users
unpaper post-processing tool for scanned paper sheets
gdk-pixbuf2 image data transformation library
user-docs general user documentation for GNOME
atk2mm C++ binding for the ATK library
gsettings-desktop-schemas collection of shared GSettings schemas
libgexiv2 GObject wrapper around exiv2
dconf configuration backend system
shotwell digital photo organizer
ptouch-driver Brother P-touch CUPS driver
mm-common common build utilities for GNOME C++ binding libraries
glib2-networking network-related gio modules for GLib
gtk3mm C++ interface for gtk3+
libpeas gobject-based plugins engine
gtksourceview3 text widget that extends the GTK3 GtkTextView widget
gjs Javascript bindings for GNOME
at-spi2-core service interface for assistive technologies
at-spi2-atk atk-bridge for at-spi2
py-atspi python bindings for at-spi2
libnettle cryptographic library
libwnck3 window navigator construction kit
py-smbc Python bindings to wrap the libsmbclient API
yelp-xsl XSLT stylesheets for yelp
accountsservice D-Bus interface for user account query and manipulation
cups-pk-helper fine-grained privileges PolicyKit helper for CUPS
power-manager GNOME power manager
evolution-rss RSS reader plugin for evolution
cantarell-fonts humanist sans-serif font family
p11-kit library for loading and enumerating PKCS#11 modules
libcryptui interface components for OpenPGP
py-gobject3 Python bindings for GLib and GObject
vte3 terminal emulation library
deja-dup simple encrypted backup tool for GNOME
seahorse-sharing PGP public keys sharing via DNS-SD and HKP
online-accounts interfaces for interacting with online accounts
pulseaudio cross-platform networked sound server
cogl modern 3D graphics API
contacts contacts manager for GNOME
yelp-tools utilities to manage documentation for Yelp and the web
grilo-plugins plugins for Grilo
grilo framework for making media discovery and browsing easy
evolution-ews evolution connector for MS Exchange via EWS
gcr library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
baobab directory tree analyzer for GNOME
font-viewer font viewer for GNOME
dictionary GNOME dictionary application
screenshot screenshot application for GNOME
seahorse-nautilus GnuPG extension for nautilus(1)
libsecret library for storing and retrieving passwords and secrets
gtkspell3 gtk+3 spelling checker
libpwquality library to generate, and check strengh of passwords
sushi quick previewer for Nautilus
documents document manager application for GNOME
mutter window and compositing manager
shell next generation GNOME shell
libchamplain library to provide a GTK+ widget to display maps
cups-filters OpenPrinting CUPS filters
qpdf PDF transformation and inspection utility
geary email application built around conversations
libvirt tool/library for managing platform virtualization
p5-Sys-Virt represent and manage a libvirt hypervisor connection
core framework for streaming media
plugins-base base elements for GStreamer
plugins-bad bad elements for GStreamer
plugins-ugly ugly elements for GStreamer
plugins-libav ffmpeg elements for GStreamer
virt-viewer graphics viewer for KVM guest displays
libvirt-glib libvirt wrapper suited for GObject-based applications
spice-protocol SPICE protocol headers
spice-gtk GTK client and libraries for SPICE remote desktop servers
libzapojit GLib/GObject wrapper for SkyDrive and Hotmail REST APIs
clocks clock application for GNOME
phpvirtualbox web-based VirtualBox front-end
graphite2 rendering for complex writing systems
photos access, organize and share your photos on GNOME
calculator GNOME desktop calculator
shell-extensions collection of extensions for GNOME Shell
weather weather application for GNOME
menu-cache caching mechanism for compliant menus
geoclue2 modular geoinformation service on top of D-Bus
geocode-glib convenience library for the geocoding
maps map application for GNOME
music GNOME music playing application
online-miners crawls through your online content
initial-setup initial-setup firstboot-like tool
toad hotplugd(8) automounter (Toad Opens All Devices)
hwdata hardware identification and configuration data
libmediaart media art extraction and cache management library
gfbgraph GObject library for Facebook Graph API
libvirt-python libvirt virtualization API python bindings
virt-manager GUI for managing virtual machines through libvirt
py-libcloud unified interface for interacting with cloud services
mm C++ bindings for GStreamer
cups-bjnp BJNP protocol backend for CUPS
appstream-glib library for AppStream metadata
quadrapassel fit falling blocks together
webkitgtk4 GTK+ port of the WebKit rendering engine
adwaita-icon-theme base icon theme for GNOME
libgxps GObject library for handling and rendering XPS documents
remotebox VirtualBox client with remote management
login_krb5 authentication provider for KerberosV
aisleriot suite of solitaire card games
netatalk3 AFP file and print services for IP networks
control-center GNOME settings
dconf-editor graphical dconf(1) editor
gsound GObject library for playing system sounds
epub-thumbnailer thumbnailer for EPub and MOBI books
calendar GNOME calendar
builder IDE for GNOME
characters GNOME utility to insert unusual characters
connector-dbus dLeyna dbus connector
core dLeyna utility functions library
renderer service for interacting with DMRs
server service for interacting with DMSes
gcab cabinet file library and tool
core glib/gio-based lib for file management
extra extra library for libfm
direvent directory content watcher daemon
gspell spell-checking library for GTK+
todo simple task management application
py-gstreamer overrides for the gobject-introspection-based pygst bindings
py-rsa Python RSA implementation
py-botocore low-level interface to Amazon Web Services
awscli universal command line environment for AWS
py-colorama print colored terminal text from Python apps
py-boto3 AWS SDK for Python
ec2-api-tools API tools for Amazon EC2 web service
google-cloud-sdk manage resources on Google Cloud Platform
vmdktool VMDK file converter
py-s3transfer Amazon S3 transfer manager for Python
packer tool for building machine images
terraform tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure
serf decentralized service discovery and orchestration
vault secure secret storage
consul service discovery and configuration tool
autoar GLib wrapper around libarchive
osinfo-db-tools tools to manage the libosinfo database
libosinfo library for managing information about operating systems
osinfo-db osinfo database files
libgepub GObject based library for rendering epub docs
asciinema terminal session recorder
meson next-generation build system
amazon-ssm-agent AWS SSM agent
gmime30 MIME messages creation and parsing library
tracker-miners tracker miners and metadata extractors
tepl Text Editor Product Line
libdazzle companion library to GObject and Gtk+
template-glib templating library for GLib
jsonrpc-glib JSON-RPC library for GLib
enchant2 generic spell checking library
usage system resources status
tweaks customize advanced GNOME 3 options
gtksourceview4 text widget that extends the GTK3 GtkTextView widget
themes-extra extra themes for GNOME applications
fprintd fingerprint scanning functionality over D-Bus
gegl04 graph based image processing framework (API version 0.4)
py-chromecast Python module to talk to Google Chromecast
graphene thin layer of graphic data types
chrome-gnome-shell GNOME Shell integration for Chrome
amtk Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit
brlaser CUPS printer driver for some Brother laser printers
yaru Ubuntu GNOME theme
py-casttube interact with Youtube Chromecast api
accerciser interactive accessibility explorer
libsigc++30 callback framework for C++
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr printer driver for Epson ESC/P-R inkjets
polkit-qt5 PolicyKit authentication agent for Qt
books document and e-books manager for GNOME
go-cs concurrent ssh client
amazon-ecs-cli CLI for AWS ECS
consul-template template rendering and notifications with Consul
exoscale-cli manage Exoscale infrastructure from the command-line
envconsul start subprocess with envvar populated from Consul and Vault
nomad cluster scheduler
terragrunt thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools
coredns fast and flexible DNS server/forwarder
foliate simple and modern GTK eBook viewer
cairomm16 C++ interface for cairo
py2-cairo cairo bindings for Python2
tracker3-miners tracker miners and metadata extractors
tracker3 efficient search engine and triplestore
connections remote desktop client for GNOME
tour GNOME's Tour & Greeter
mahjongg mahjongg game for GNOME
gdk-pixbuf-xlib deprecated API for integrating Xlib and GdkPixbuf
castor graphical browser for plain-text protocols
atkmm236 C++ bindings for the ATK library
pangomm248 C++ API for Pango
glibmm268 C++ API for parts of GLib
gtkmm40 C++ bindings for GTK+
libxml++40 C++ bindings for libxml2
libxml++50 C++ bindings for libxml2
gtksourceview5 text widget that extends the GTK4 GtkTextView widget
notes simple note editor
libadwaita building blocks for modern adaptive GNOME apps
libsoup3 HTTP client/server library for GNOME
imath C++ and python library of 2D and 3D vector & matrix
hotdoc documentation tool micro-framework