The following packages were found for maintainer:
ipython enhanced interactive Python shell
xdrawchem two-dimensional molecule drawing program
filezilla fast FTP and SFTP GUI client with a lot of features
git-cola python powered git gui
spectrwm small tiling window manager
sslh SSL/SSH multiplexer
sabnzbd retrieve and process nzb-files via web interface
py-msgpack messagepack (de)serializer
lz4 fast BSD-licensed data compression
vpnc-scripts connect scripts for use with vpnc and openconnect
lastpass-cli LastPass command line interface tool
py-prompt_toolkit python library for building powerful interactive CLI
borgbackup deduplicating backup program
zstd zstandard fast real-time compression algorithm
py-sphinx_guzzle_theme sphinx theme used by guzzle
libb2 library providing BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2bp, BLAKE2sp
nzbget binary newsreader supporting NZB files
2.4x multi-platform file synchronization tool
2.5x multi-platform file synchronization tool
py-influxdb Python client for interacting with InfluxDB
libfilezilla support library for FileZilla
py-seaborn statistical data visualization
rclone rsync for cloud storage
xxhash extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
unionfs-fuse unionfs filesystem implementation
rhash utility and library for computing hash sums
p5-Conf-Libconfig perl extension for libconfig
audacious audacious meta-package
player graphical audio player which supports lots of formats
plugins input and output plugins for Audacious
bats bash automated testing system
bupstash encrypted and deduplicated backup tool