The following packages were found for maintainer:
p5-BSD-Resource BSD process resource limit and priority functions
p5-BSD-stat stat() with BSD 4.4 extentions
p5-Class-Date module for easy date and time manipulation
p5-IO-KQueue perl interface to the BSD kqueue system call
p5-Lchown perl interface to the lchown(2) system call
p5-List-MoreUtils provide the stuff missing in List::Util
p5-Sub-Name (re)name a sub
p5-File-MMagic perl module to guess file type from contents
p5-Net-DNS perl interface to the domain name system
p5-Net-DNS-SEC extends the Net::DNS module with DNSSEC functionality
p5-Net-Radius Perl interface to Radius
p5-Socket6 Perl defines relating to AF_INET6 sockets
scapy powerful interactive packet manipulation in python
p5-Crypt-SSLeay library to provide LWP https support via OpenSSL
p5-IO-Socket-SSL Perl SSL sockets with IO::Socket interface
p5-Regexp-Common provide commonly requested regular expressions
p5-XML-LibXML perl binding for libxml2
p5-XML-LibXSLT interface to the GNOME libxslt library
p5-HTML-Mason high-performance, dynamic web site authoring system
p5-WWW-Mechanize handy web browsing in a Perl object
xplot fast tool to graph and visualize lots of data
p5-File-Modified checks intelligently if files have changed
osrtspproxy RTSP proxy reference implementation
p5-Data-Random perl module to generate random data
p5-Time-Format easy-to-use date/time formatting
p5-YAML-Syck YAML and JSON for perl, optimized C
p5-AnyEvent provide framework for multiple event loops
p5-Net-SIP perl framework for SIP
p5-Module-Signature module signature file manipulation
p5-File-Attributes manipulate file metadata
p5-Devel-NYTProf powerful feature-rich perl source code profiler
p5-Mail-SPF-Iterator iterative SPF lookup
p5-IO-Socket-INET6 object interface for AF_INET and AF_INET6 domain sockets
p5-HTTP-Response-Encoding add encoding to HTTP::Response
p5-NetAddr-IP manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets
p5-Test-Script cross-platform basic tests for scripts
p5-Net-INET6Glue make common perl modules IPv6 ready by hotpatching
p5-Data-Validate-Struct validate recursive perl hash structures
p5-Data-Validate common perl data validation methods
p5-Net-IPTrie build IPv4 and IPv6 address space hierarchies
p5-Net-IDN-Encode Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications
p5-BSD-arc4random perl interface to the arc4 random number generator
p5-BSD-Socket-Splice perl interface to OpenBSD socket splicing
p5-File-LibMagic perl wrapper for libmagic
p5-Net-SSLGlue add/extend SSL support for common perl modules
botan portable, easy to use, and efficient C++ crypto library
p5-OSPF-LSDB ospf link-state database viewer
p5-Gravatar-URL make URLs for Gravatars from an email address
p5-Net-IMP module for network data inspection and modification
p5-Net-Inspect library for inspection of data on various network layers
p5-Net-PcapWriter simple creation of pcap files from code
p5-Data-Validate-IP ipv4 and ipv6 validation methods
p5-File-Find-Object object oriented File::Find replacement
p5-File-Find-Object-Rule alternative interface to File::Find::Object
p5-Test-TrailingSpace test for trailing space in source files
ipv6-toolkit SI6 networks IPv6 toolkit
p5-Devel-CheckBin check that a command is available
p5-HTTP-Daemon simple http server class
p5-WWW-Mechanize-FormFiller framework to automate HTML forms
p5-Pod-Constant source constants from POD to avoid repetition
p5-Net-IMP-HTTP interface for HTTP specific Net::IMP plugins
p5-Exporter-Tiny exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter
p5-Pod-LaTeX convert pod documentation to latex format
p5-HTML-Display display HTML locally in a browser
p5-WWW-Mechanize-Shell interactive shell for WWW::Mechanize
p5-JSON-MaybeXS use Cpanel::JSON::XS or JSON::XS or JSON::PP
p5-Test-Regexp test your regular expressions
p5-Test-Portability-Files check file names portability
p5-Test-MockRandom replace random number generation with non-random
p5-Test-RequiresInternet easily test network connectivity
p5-Cpanel-JSON-XS cPanel fork of JSON::XS, fast and correct serializing
p5-Devel-CheckOS check what OS we are running on
p5-Test-Needs skip tests when modules not available
p5-Test-LectroTest easy, automatic, specification-based tests
p5-Statistics-CaseResampling efficient resampling and calculation of medians
p5-Net-Flow decode and encode NetFlow/IPFIX datagrams
p5-Number-WithError numbers with error propagation and scientific rounding
p5-Dumbbench more reliable benchmarking
botan2 crypto and TLS for C++11
p5-List-MoreUtils-XS provide compiled List::MoreUtils functions
p5-Importer alternative but compatible interface to modules that export
p5-Sub-Info tool for inspecting subroutines
p5-Term-Table format a header and rows into a table
p5-Pod-Markdown convert POD to Markdown
p5-Sub-Attribute reliable subroutine attribute handlers
p5-Test-HTTP-LocalServer spawn a local HTTP server for testing
p5-Mail-DMARC-Iterator iterative DMARC validation for mails
p5-Mail-DKIM-Iterator iterative DKIM validation of records or signing of mails
p5-FFI-CheckLib check that a library is available for FFI
p5-Term-Size-Any retrieve terminal size
p5-Term-Size-Perl perl extension for retrieving terminal size
p5-IO-BufferedSelect line-buffered select interface
p5-Test-Exit test whether code exits without terminating testing
p5-Test2-Suite set of tools built upon the Test2 framework
posixtestsuite open POSIX test suite
os-test test suites for POSIX operating systems
open62541 library implementation of OPC UA
p5-OPCUA-Open62541 Perl XS wrapper for open62541 OPC UA library
nuttcp network performance measurement tool
py-opcua pure Python OPC UA client and server library
opcua-client-gui minimal OPC UA client GUI
py-opcua-widgets widgets for OPC UA
p5-Net-SSLeay perl module for using OpenSSL