The following packages were found for maintainer:
angband rogue-like game with X11 support
gnupg GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
swi-prolog Prolog for the real world
snipe2d overhead shooting game
clonekeen commander keen clone
py-last Python library
wxMaxima wxWidgets GUI for the computer algebra system maxima
dgen-sdl Sega Megadrive/Genesis emulator
core mixed integer linear programming solver
python Python bindings for lpsolve
py-prettytable Python library for pretty-printing tabular data
fs-uae modern Amiga emulator
tapclean Commodore tape image cleaning utility
pypy fast implementation of the Python language
xdms Amiga DMS unpacker
arandr XRandR GUI
fs-uae-launcher launcher for the FS-UAE Amiga emulator
uhexen2 Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion
colordiff colorized diff tool
vim-command-t fast, intuitive file opening in VIM
py-texscythe TeX Live texmf subsetter tool and Python library.
syncthing open decentralized synchronization utility
qsyncthingtray system tray app for Syncthing
neovim continuation and extension of Vim
py-neovim Python plugin support for Neovim
mdbook create books from markdown files
dinit service monitoring / init system
fzf command-line fuzzy finder
xscreenruler simple screen ruler for x11
pasmo Z80 cross assembler
wormhole-william magic wormhole implementation in Go
default slender typeface for code (default variant)
odamex online multiplayer doom