The following packages were found for maintainer:
junicode advanced Unicode font for medievalists
charis readable Unicode font for laser printers
doulos Unicode-based font for Roman and Cyrillic
andika clear sans serif, Unicode-compliant font
dai-banna New Tai Lue Unicode characters
abyssinica Ethiopic Unicode script
sysmon lightweight network monitoring tool
chivo open-source Grotesque sans-serif typeface family
scheherazade traditional Arabic Unicode font
work-sans typeface based loosely on early Grotesques
annapurna Unicode-based font for Devanagari script
mada modernist Arabic typeface
taviraj Serif Latin and Looped Thai typeface
alkalami Unicode font for African Arabic script
stixfonts scientific, technical and mathematical fonts
tagmukay Unicode Tagmukay Shifinagh script font