The following packages were found for maintainer:
zile lightweight Emacs clone
autossh SSH monitoring
adsuck DNS relay for ad blocking
mktorrent command-line .torrent file creator
smplayer complete front-end for MPlayer and MPV
ziproxy compressing non-caching HTTP proxy
varnish high-performance HTTP accelerator
apachetop top-like monitor for Apache
aria2 lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source download utility
openmdns MDNS/DNS-SD daemon
nload network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time
logstalgia website access log visualization
gource software version control visualization tool
sqtop top-like monitor for Squid
spectrwm small tiling window manager
smtube browse and download YouTube videos
lynis security auditing tool
suricata high performance network IDS, IPS and security monitoring
nono OMRON LUNA-I and LUNA-88K emulator
duf disk Usage/free utility
dasm versatile macro assembler for 8-bit microprocessors
gobuster a tool used to brute-force stuff
20 easy and universal access to shared and/or personal files
21 easy and universal access to shared and/or personal files