The following packages were found for maintainer:
unshield extract files from InstallShield CAB archives
dosbox x86 with DOS emulator targeted at playing games
bass Beneath A Steel Sky
scummvm graphical adventure game interpreter
scummvm-tools collection of various tools for scummvm
pciutils PCI bus configuration register access tools
zbar ZBar barcode reader
radeondrm firmware binary images for radeondrm(4) driver
afl instrumented fuzzer
waffle OpenGL API/window system abstraction
quakespasm SDL Quake port
include-what-you-use tool to analyse #includes in C and C++ source files
luacheck tool for linting and static analysis of Lua code
u-boot U-Boot firmware
dtb Device Tree Blobs
lua-bit32 bit32 compatibility module for Lua 5.1
nblood reverse-engineered ports of Build games
intel microcode update binaries for Intel CPUs
amdgpu firmware binary images for amdgpu(4) driver
tamsyn-font monospaced bitmap font for programming
inteldrm firmware binary images for inteldrm(4) driver