The following packages were found for maintainer:
lout object oriented type setting language
dmenu dynamic menu for X11
dwm dynamic window manager
bgs simple background setter
surf simple webbrowser based on webkit/gtk+
st simple X terminal
tabbed simple generic tabbed frontend
sselp print X selection to standard out
sic simple irc client
cloc count lines of code
irssi-xmpp XMPP plugin for irssi
lsw list titles of running X windows
swarp simple pointer warping for X
sltar simple tar implementation
gdnsd geographically-aware, authoritative-only DNS server
blink1 software tools for blink(1) LED notification light
geomyidae Gopher protocol daemon
dstat dwm status bar statistics
insult write insults to standard error on command failure
sct set the color temperature of the screen
libsrs2 SRS library
khal standards based terminal calendar
py-freezegun let your Python tests travel through time
py-icalendar parser/generator of iCalendar files
py-async-timeout timeout context manager for asyncio programs
py-zeroconf pure Python Multicast DNS Service Discovery Library
py-astral calculations for the position of the sun and the moon
py-yarl yet another URL library
py-xmltodict makes working with XML feel like orking with JSON
spamassassin Apache SpamAssassin integration to the OpenSMTPD daemon