The following packages were found for maintainer:
py-setuptools simplified packaging system for Python modules
py-mock python mocking and patching library for testing
py-aiodns simple DNS resolver for asyncio
py-slixmpp slixmpp is an elegant Python library for XMPP
py-typing backport of type hints for python
py-humanize python number humanization utilities
py-emoji emoji for Python
tootstream CLI for interacting with Mastodon/fediverse instances
py-responses utility library for mocking out the Python
py-cookies friendlier RFC 6265-compliant cookie parser/renderer
py-rarfile RAR archive reader for Python
py-process-tests tools for testing processes
py-characteristic python attributes without boilerplate
py-fields container class boilerplate killer
py-filelock platform independent file lock
py-query jquery-like library for python
py-test-timeout pytest plugin to abort hanging tests
b612-font highly legible font designed for aircraft cockpits
py-minecraft-launcher-lib library for creating a custom Minecraft launcher
lwjgl3 lightweight game library for java
py2-setuptools simplified packaging system for Python modules