The following packages were found for maintainer:
isync synchronize IMAP4 and maildir mailboxes
varnish high-performance HTTP accelerator
sxiv simple X Image Viewer
pigz parallel implementation of gzip utilizing multiple cores
tmate instant terminal sharing based on tmux
toot interact with Mastodon social networks from the command line
vis vi-like editor with sam-style structural regex support
uefitool parse, extract and modify UEFI firmware images
bonzomatic tool for live-coding pixel shaders
py-z3-solver efficient SMT solver library (angr fork)
py-claripy abstraction layer for constraint solvers
py-angr multi-architecture binary analysis toolkit
py-archinfo classes with architecture-specific information
py-pyvex Python interface to libVEX and VEX IR
py-ailment angr intermediate language
py-cle CLE loads binaries and their associated libraries
angrop ROP chain builder based off of angr
yq jq wrapper for YAML/XML documents
loccount count lines of codes in many languages
vex modified version of Valgrind VEX for PyVEX
coreboot-utils utilities to work on firmware images and hardware
me_cleaner tool for partial deblobbing of Intel ME/TXE firmware images
tuir terminal UI for Reddit
mdprint print sun4v machine descriptions