The following packages were found for maintainer:
nspr Netscape Portable Runtime
mozilla-thunderbird Mozilla e-mail, calendar, rss and usenet client
mozilla-firefox Firefox web browser
xfce4-appfinder Xfce4 application finder
xfce4-battery Xfce4 battery monitor panel plugin
xfce4-clipman Xfce4 clipboard history panel plugin
xfce4-datetime Xfce4 datetime and calendar plugin
xfce4-diskperf Xfce4 disk performance panel plugin
xfce4-fsguard Xfce4 disk usage monitor panel plugin
xfce4-icon-theme Xfce4 icon theme
xfce4-netload Xfce4 network load monitor panel plugin
xfce4-notes Xfce4 sticky notes panel plugin
xfce4-panel Xfce4 desktop panel
xfce4-session Xfce4 session manager
xfce4-systemload Xfce4 cpu/memory/swap/uptime monitor panel plugin
xfce4-wavelan Xfce4 wireless interface monitor panel plugin
xfce4-weather Xfce4 temperature/weather conditions panel plugin
xfce4-xkb Xfce4 xkb layout switcher panel plugin
xfdesktop Xfce4 desktop manager
xfwm4 Xfce4 window manager
xfwm4-themes Xfwm4 window decoration themes
xfce4-mixer Xfce4 volume mixer
libmpd mpd client library
gmpc GNOME music player client
nss libraries to support development of security-enabled apps
libofx opensource implementation of the OFX specification
grisbi personal accounting application
p5-Audio-Scrobbler submit tracks to
libxfce4util Xfce4 basic utility library
exo Xfce4 extension library
mousepad Xfce4 simple text editor
thunar Xfce4 file manager
terminal Xfce4 vte-based terminal
xfce4-verve Xfce4 command line panel plugin
xfce4-dict Xfce4 dictionary application
xfce4-genmon Xfce4 generic scriptable monitor panel plugin
geotiff GIS TIFF interchange library
proj cartographic projection utilities
xfce4-time-out Xfce4 periodical screen locker panel plugin
xfce4-mailwatch Xfce4 mailboxes monitor panel plugin
xfce4-mpc Xfce4 mpd client panel plugin
thunar-media-tags Thunar media tags plugin
geos 2d geometry and topology engine
belooted 32-card trick-taking game
ristretto Xfce4 lightweight image-viewer
xfce4-places Xfce4 places panel plugin
postgis geographic objects support for PostgreSQL
pkg_mgr user-friendly package browser and manager
midori lightweight web browser
xfce4-screenshooter Xfce4 desktop screenshot panel plugin
xfce4-smartbookmark Xfce4 web search panel plugin
xfce4-settings Xfce4 settings helpers
xfconf Xfce4 settings daemon
testdisk data recovery software
gmpc-plugins bundle of plugins for gmpc
xfce4-notifyd Xfce4 notification daemon
xfmpc Xfce4 Music Player Daemon client
qgis desktop geographical information system
catfish versatile file searching tool
thunar-archive Thunar archive plugin
xfce4-dev-tools Xfce4 developer tools and macros
gpx-viewer gpx file viewer
xfce4-mount Xfce4 mount device panel plugin
thunar-vcs Thunar vcs integration plugin
cmixer simple curses mixer
tilecache tile caching frontend for WMS/TMS services
merkaartor OpenStreetMap editor
gigolo GVfs mountpoint manager
parole Xfce4 media player
xfce4-taskmanager Xfce4 task manager and system monitor
xfce4-cpugraph Xfce4 cpu usage graph panel plugin
viking GPS track manager
mapnik toolkit for developing mapping applications
py-buildslave buildworker for the buildbot CI system
libxfce4ui Xfce4 widget library
garcon Xfce4 compliant menu implementation
tumbler D-Bus thumbnailing service
xfce4-power-manager Xfce4 power manager
upower userland power management interface
davical CalDAV/CardDav calendar/contacts server
firefox-esr Firefox web browser, Extended Support Release
xfce4-whiskermenu Xfce4 alternative applications menu panel plugin
mapproxy GIS WMTS/TMS tile caching server
mapcache GIS WMTS/TMS tile caching server
pgrouting geospatial routing extension for PostgreSQL
xfdashboard Xfce4 gnome-shell like dashboard
xfce4-pulseaudio Xfce4 pulseaudio control line panel plugin
menulibre fd.o-compliant menu editor
pdal translator library for point cloud formats
xfce4-screensaver Xfce4 screensaver
mdal mesh data abstration library
gpxsee gpx file viewer