The following packages were found for maintainer:
socat relay for bidirectional data transfer
tcpreen simple tcp re-engineering tool
tcpreplay resend network traffic saved by tcpdump
tcpslice tool for extracting and gluing pcap (tcpdump) files
p0f passive OS fingerprinting tool
nikto web and CGI vulnerability scanner with SSL support
swatch simple log monitoring program
get_flash_videos download flash video files from various sites
p5-Data-AMF serialize/deserialize Adobe Action Message Format data
p5-IO-Socket-Socks create SOCKS v4/v5 client or server
p5-LWP-Protocol-socks adds support for SOCKS to p5-libwww
p5-Net-DHCP Perl DHCP classes
p5-Test-CheckManifest check Manifest matches your distro
p5-Tk-TableMatrix create and manipulate tables
p5-Storable-AMF deserializer for Adobe Action Message Format
p5-AMF-Connection AMF client to connect to remote FLEX AIR service
libsmi library/tools (incl smilint) to access SMI MIB information
p5-Encode-Locale determine the locale encoding
p5-IO-HTML open an HTML file with automatic charset detection
p5-File-Listing parse directory listing
p5-HTTP-Date date conversion routines
p5-HTML-Form Class that represents an HTML form element
p5-LWP-MediaTypes Guess url media type
p5-HTTP-Message HTTP Style Messages
p5-HTTP-Cookies HTTP Cookie jars
p5-LWP-Protocol-https adds support for https to p5-libwww
p5-HTTP-Negotiate choose a variant to serve
p5-WWW-RobotRules database of robots.txt-derived permissions
p5-Net-HTTP Perl HTTP connection client