The following packages were found for maintainer:
nmh new MH mail handling program
tor anonymity service using onion routing
libotr portable OTR messaging library and toolkit
supertuxkart kart racing game with OSS mascots
rakudo Rakudo compiler for the Raku language
nbfc new brainfuck compiler
xaos interactive fractal zoomer and morpher
irrlicht fast, real time 3D engine
wordwarvi editor war arcade game
gdb GNU debugger
diction sentence grammar and readability analyzer
extremetuxracer downhill racing game
kguitar guitar tab editor
climm simple, command-line multi messenger
torsocks socks proxy for use with tor
dungeon text adventure game
p5-IO-CaptureOutput capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl code, subprocesses or XS
p5-TAP-Harness-Archive create an archive of TAP results
p5-TAP-Harness-Multiple report TAP output by test file description
nqp Not Quite Perl
ois object-oriented input system
libunistring manipulate Unicode strings
ged GNU version of standard text editor
ksh93 AT&T Korn Shell
traditional-vi traditional vi and ex
parallel execute jobs in parallel
libXp X11 printing system
xprintproto X11 printing headers
shrip shell client for ogmrip
netpgp BSD-licensed PGP implementation
bullet physics library
desktop Equinox desktop environment
lib equinox desktop library
p5-Net-Twitter-Lite interface to Twitter API
p5-AnyEvent-IRC event based IRC client API
p5-Object-Event event callback interface
supertux jump 'n' run game
base modern, open-source flight simulator
data data files for flightgear
openscenegraph 3D graphics toolkit
simgear library set for simulations, games and visualizations
opencolorio color management library
data data files for vegastrike
extra extra data files for vegastrike
engine 3D space simulator
music music files for vegastrike
speech speech files for vegastrike
moarvm virtual machine for nqp/rakudo
p5-Language-Ook programming language designed for orang-utans
icbd Internet Citizens Band Server
cegui widgets library for graphics engines
sumwars role playing game
gpresent make presentations with groff and PDF
sfml simple and fast multimedia library
openmw open source implementation of TES III: Morrowind
dhewm3 open-source version of Doom 3
brotli generic lossless compressor
gas GNU assembler
py-stem Tor controller library
nyx terminal status monitor for Tor
8 GNU compiler collection: core C compiler
upplay UPnP audio control point
libupnpp UPnP client library