The following packages were found for maintainer:
p5-DBD-Pg access to PostgreSQL databases through the DBI
pan powerful newsreader
zsh Z shell, Bourne shell-compatible
phppgadmin tool to handle the administration of PostgreSQL over the web
pgadmin3 administration and development platform for PostgreSQL
rdiff-backup incremental backup
libgringotts encryption backend
gringotts GTK+2 secure notes manager
osmo handy personal organizer
imapsync IMAP synchronization tool
pgloader import CSV data and Large Object to PostgreSQL
pgfouine PostgreSQL log analyzer
p5-DBIx-DWIW DBI wrapper intended to Do What I Want
p5-Net-FTPSSL FTP over SSL/TLS client class
cdk curses development kit
ctunnel provide cryptographic tunnel
libyaml YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
py-yaml YAML parser and emitter in Python
pg-toolbox programs to aid the PostgreSQL administrator
sendxmpp perl script to send xmpp messages, like mail(1)
p5-LockFile-Simple perl module implementing simple file locking
homebank personal accounting application
klavaro touch typing tutor program
gtkdatabox GTK+2 widget to display large amounts of numerical data
client perl module for mon
server service monitoring daemon
libksba X.509 library
pgbouncer lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
bindgraph rrdtool frontend for Bind installation
libperseus library to secure any kind of communication streams
dokuwiki standards compliant, simple to use Wiki
inadyn small memory footprint dynamic dns updater
pgpool connection pool server for PostgreSQL
npth new GNU Portable Threads Library
p5-Data-Uniqid Perl extension for simple generation of unique IDs
postgresql-previous PostgreSQL RDBMS (previous version, for pg_upgrade)