The following packages were found for maintainer:
p5-DBD-SQLite SQLite drivers for the Perl DBI
p5-DBD-SQLite2 SQLite2 drivers for the Perl DBI
pcre perl-compatible regular expression library
ccze log colorizer
mc free Norton Commander clone with many useful features
bnc simple IRC relay proxy with support for virtual hosting
pwgen simple password generator
colortail color-able replacement for tail(1)
xplanet draw pictures of the earth textured by an image
libwpd import and export WordPerfect(tm) documents
rt industrial-grade ticketing system
asciidoc text document format for writing documents and man pages
vino GNOME desktop sharing server
libvmime C++ class library for working with Internet mail
mono cross platform, open source .NET developement framework
libgdiplus GDI+ comptible API
libfprint library for fingerprint reader devices
login_fingerprint provide fingerprint authentication
z-push ActiveSync protocol implementation
chromium Chromium browser
flock flock(2) manager for shell scripts
openpam Pluggable Authentication Module
gti just a silly git launcher, inspired by sl
iridium Iridium browser
sdlpop open-source port of Prince of Persia
icon-theme base icon theme for MATE
desktop components for the MATE desktop
libmatekbd MATE keyboard configuration library
themes standard MATE themes
libmateweather weather library for MATE
marco the MATE window manager
calc MATE calculator
screensaver MATE screensaver
notification-daemon MATE notification daemon
utils MATE support utilities
control-center MATE control center
eom image viewer for the MATE desktop
libmatemixer mixer library for MATE desktop
media media tools for the MATE desktop
menus implementation of the FreeDesktop menu spec for MATE
power-manager MATE power manager
settings-daemon MATE settings daemon
pluma powerful text editor for the MATE desktop
panel panel component for MATE
caja file manager for the MATE desktop
session-manager MATE session manager
engrampa file archiver for the MATE desktop
terminal MATE terminal
atril document viewer for the MATE desktop
caja-extensions extensions for Caja, the MATE file manager
webapp next generation web interface for Kopano
system-monitor MATE system monitor
libytnef read and convert TNEF files
polkit PolicyKit authentication agent for MATE
odoo all-in-one management software
p5-FCGI module for enabling FastCGI support in CGI scripts
opm minimalistic password manager written in shell
electron Chromium browser
menu-advanced advanced menu for MATE