The following packages were found for maintainer:
doxygen source code documentation generator tool
digikam KDE digital photo and video management utility
lftp shell-like command line ftp and sftp client
netbeans NetBeans Java IDE
mkvtoolnix create, alter and inspect Matroska files
tellico organizer for book/dvd/music collections
ktorrent BitTorrent Client
krusader twin panel file manager for KDE
krename powerful batch file renamer
yakuake drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole
inkscape SVG vector drawing application
homebank personal accounting application
qt-creator cross-platform IDE for use with Qt
phonon multimedia layer for Qt5/KDE5
libraw library for reading RAW files
kdiff3 compares and merges multiple files or directories
droplet high performance Cloud Storage client library
musique graphical music player focused on a clean ui
stable continuous integration server
devel continuous integration server
kdevelop IDE for C, C++, Python, QML/JavaScript and PHP
kmymoney accounting for KDE 5
libqaccessibilityclient Qt-based library for writing accessibility apps
calligra K Desktop Environment, office suite
maim desktop screenshot utility (make image)
slop query for a selection and print to stdout (select operation)
hack-fonts typeface designed for source code
nomacs small and fast Qt image viewer
kcodecs string encoding/decoding for KDE
oxygen-icons KDE Oxygen-style icon theme
kjs JavaScript/ECMAScript engine for KDE
kiconthemes KDE icon GUI utility library
kdelibs4support legacy support for kdelibs-4.x compatibility
kross embedding of scripting into KDE applications
kdeclarative integration of QML and KDE workspaces
kdnssd network service discovery using Zeroconf for KDE
kitemviews extensions for the Qt model-view framework
kguiaddons Utilities for graphical user interfaces
threadweaver KDE helper for multithreaded programming
breeze-icons KDE Breeze-style light and dark icon themes
kpeople KDE framework for aggregating and accessing people contacts
kactivities core components for the KDE Activity concept
knotifyconfig KDE configuration dialog for desktop notifications
frameworkintegration KDE Plasma integration support for Qt-based apps
kpty interfacing with pseudo terminal devices in KDE
kactivities-stats statistics for the KDE Activity concept
kidletime reporting of idle time of user and system
bluez-qt Qt wrapper for BlueZ 5 DBus API
attica Open Collaboration Services API implementation
baloo KDE file search and metadata handling framework
extra-cmake-modules CMake modules required by KDE5
kbookmarks XBEL bookmarks format support for KDE
kcompletion text completion support for Qt-based apps
kconfig KDE configuration system
kcrash intercepting and handling application crashes in KDE
kdbusaddons KDE convenience classes for DBus
kded central daemon of KDE workspaces
kdesignerplugin integrating KDE 5 widgets with Qt Designer
kdesu KDE wrapper over doas commands
kdewebkit integration of the HTML rendering engine WebKit into KDE
kemoticons text emoticons to graphical emoticons KDE converter
ki18n KDE Gettext-based UI text internationalization
kimageformats KDE plugins for QImage supporting extra file formats
kinit speed up for applications inside KDE workspaces
kio network transparent access to files and data in KDE
kjsembed KDE framework for binding JavaScript object to QObjects
knotifications KDE desktop notifications framework
kparts KDE plugin framework for user interface components
krunner KDE framework for Plasma runners
kservice plugin framework for KDE desktop services
ktexteditor fully featured text editor component
kunitconversion KDE framework for converting physical units
kxmlgui KDE framework for managing menu and toolbar actions
plasma-framework core components and tools of the Plasma Workspaces
solid KDE hardware abstraction layer
karchive Qt5-based API for manipulating file archives
khtml original KDE HTML rendering engine
kpackage installation and loading of content packages in KDE
kplotting KDE data plotting framework
kauth execute actions as privileged user
kcmutils utility classes for KDE control modules
kcoreaddons core KDE extensions to Qt classes
kwindowsystem access to the windowing system for KDE apps
kitemmodels KDE item models extending the Qt model-view framework
kdoctools create documentation from DocBook
kwallet KDE safe desktop-wide storage for passwords
kmediaplayer interface for media player KParts
knewstuff KDE framework for sharing additional application data
kwidgetsaddons large set of KDE widgets
kjobwidgets KDE widgets for showing progress of asynchronous jobs
kglobalaccel global desktop keyboard shortcuts for KDE
ktextwidgets text editing widgets for KDE
kapidox doxygen wrapper for KDE
kconfigwidgets widgets for KDE configuration dialogs
kxmlrpcclient KDE XML-RPC client
knockpy subdomain scanner
doxygen-gui GUI front-end for doxygen
syntax-highlighting highlighting engine for structured text and code
prison bar code generator
universal-ctags multilanguage reimplementation of the Unix ctags utility
xwallpaper wallpaper setting utility for X
keepassxc management tool for password and sensitive data
krita advanced drawing and image manipulation
x2goclient Qt client for the X2Go system
qca-qt5 Qt Cryptographic Architecture
dlib C++ toolkit for machine learning and data analysis
kirigami2 QtQuick based components set
qdirstat Qt-based directory statistics
clazy static source code analyzer for Qt-based C++
qqc2-desktop-style QtQuickControls 2 style for painting
catch2 C++-native, header-only, test framework for unit-tests
kdb database connectivity and creation framework
kexi visual database applications creator
kproperty property editing framework with editor widget
kreport framework for generation of reports in multiple formats
purpose framework to create integrate services and actions
kholidays holiday calculation library
libkipi interface to use kipi-plugins from a KDE application
kate KDE advanced text editor
kqtquickcharts QtQuick plugin to render interactive charts
qt5ct Qt5 configuration tool
ktouch KDE typing learning tool
kcalc KDE versatile math calculator
konsole KDE terminal emulator
umbrello UML Modeller
kalgebra scientific calculator for KDE
cantor KDE mathematical applications
analitza KDE mathematical features
font-awesome full suite pictographic icons
bitcoin P2P payment system
okteta Hex Editor
dragon simple video player for KDE
libkomparediff2 library to compare files and strings
kdegraphics-mobipocket collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files
libkexiv2 EXIV2 Library interface for KDE
kdenlive non-linear video editor for KDE
kig KDE geometric constructions explorer
kmbox library for accessing mail storages in MBox format
kmime library for handling mail messages and newsgroup articles
kpimtextedit textedit with PIM-specific features
svgpart KPart for viewing SVGs
kimap job-based API for interacting with IMAP servers
libkmahjongg common sets for games using Mahjongg tiles
ark archiving Tool
dolphin KDE File Manager
dolphin-plugins Dolphin plugins
libkdcraw KDE wrapper around the LibRaw library
kdiagram libraries for creating business diagrams
libkcddb KDE CDDB library
audiocd-kio Kio slave for accessing audio CDs
libkcompactdisc library for interfacing with CDs
cervisia CVS GUI for KDE
kio-extras extra functionality for kioslaves
artikulate pronunciation trainer
libkdegames common code and data for many KDE games
ffmpegthumbs KDE FFmpeg-based thumbnail generator for video files
bovo five-in-a-row Board Game
blinken memory enhancement game
kmahjongg Mah Jongg four players board game for KDE5
kbounce ball bouncing game
katomic Sokoban-like logic game
kblackbox blackbox logic game
granatier clone of the classic bomberman game
kblocks falling blocks game
bomber arcade bombing game
kapman pac-man clone
kollision simple ball dodging game
kgoldrunner hunt gold, dodge enemies and solve puzzles
klickety adaptation of clickomania game
kreversi reversi board game
kiriki Yahtzee-like dice game
ksirk world domination strategy game
kbreakout breakout-like game
kdiamond three-in-a-row game
killbots simple game of evading killer robots
knetwalk network construction game
kolf miniature golf
konquest galactic strategy game
knavalbattle battle ship game
kjumpingcube territory capture game
kigo Go board game
kfourinline four-in-a-row board game
klines KDE version of Color Lines game
marble virtual globe and world atlas
zeroconf-ioslave KDE monitoring of Zeroconf services
kbruch KDE calculating fractions practicing app
khangman KDE hangman game
libksane KDE SANE (scanner) wrapper library
kdeedu-data data files for KDE education applications
kiten Japanese reference tool for KDE
kldap LDAP access API for KDE
libkeduvocdocument library for reading and writing vocabulary
klettres alphabet learning application for KDE
kmag KDE screen magnifier
ksystemlog system log viewer
kfind KDE dialog boxes from shell scripts
khelpcenter KDE help center
kanagram letter order game
keditbookmarks KDE bookmarks editor
kmplot mathematical function plotter for KDE
spectacle KDE screen capture and screenshot program
kalzium periodic table of elements
step KDE interactive physics simulator
ksudoku sudoku game
palapeli jigsaw puzzle game
kmousetool KDE mouse clicker for accessibility users
ksquares connect the dots to create squares game
ktuberling picture game for children
lskat Lieutnant Skat - from German Offiziersskat
kspaceduel 2D space arcade game for KDE
kubrick 3-D Game based on Rubiks Cube
kshisen Shisen-Sho Mahjongg-like game
ksnakeduel Tron-like game
kajongg Mah Jongg four players board game for KDE5
kmines Minesweeper-like Game
okular KDE document viewer
kompare file compare utility for KDE
kmouth speech tool for mute persons for KDE
kcron KDE-based GUI for cron task scheduler
kdialog KDE dialog boxes from shell scripts
kgeography geography learning tool for KDE
litecoin P2P payment system
kidentitymanagement KDE pim identities
kcalutils library for the handling of calendar data.
kleopatra certificate manager and a universal crypto GUI
libkleo certificate manager for KDE
gwenview KDE image viewer
kstars planetarium simulator for KDE
clang-tools-extra Clang extra tools
kolourpaint KDE raster image editor
kwordquiz general purpose flash card program for KDE
grantleetheme grantlee theme library
kamera KDE digital camera support
picmi single player puzzle game for KDE
kcolorchooser KDE color selector
minuet KDE software for music education
kruler screen ruler for KDE
juk music collection manager and player for KDE
sweeper KDE tool for sweeping unwanted traces from system
kwalletmanager KDE password wallet manager
filelight graphical equivalent of du
rocs graph theory IDE for KDE
kturtle KDE educational Logo programming environment
kteatime simple timer tray app for KDE
kcharselect KDE character select and clipboard copy
kdenetwork-filesharing KDE Filesharing via Samba
krfb desktop sharing
ktimer graphical timer based task execution for KDE
kdegraphics-thumbnailers thumbnailers for various graphics file formats
kmix sound channel mixer and volume control
krdc VNC and RDP desktop client
kdebugsettings application to edit QLoggingCategory
kbackup KDE backup program with an easy to use user interface
kdesdk-kioslaves development-related KIO modules
kfloppy graphical floppy format utility for KDE
poxml convert PO files to XML
kapptemplate app template generator for KDE development
kde-dev-scripts KDE development helper scripts
kdf KDE storage device statistics
lokalize KDE app localization tools
kcachegrind profile data visualization tool
kde-dev-utils KDE development helper utilities
kdesdk-thumbnailers KDE thumbnail generators for development files
print-manager printing management for KDE
argon2 C implementation of Argon2 - password hashing function
skanlite scanning application for KDE
kcontacts KDE contacts access library
syndication RSS/Atom parser library
kcalendarcore The KDE calendar access library
akonadi PIM Storage Service
libkgapi KDE-based library for accessing various Google services
konqueror KDE File Manager & Web Browser
ksmtp KDE PIM SMTP library
akonadi-contacts PIM Akonadi contacts support library
akonadi-mime PIM Akonadi mime support library
kmailtransport mail transport service
baloo-widgets widgets for Baloo
akonadi-import-wizard PIM Akonadi import wizard
incidenceeditor KDE PIM incidence editor
mailimporter KDE PIM mail importer library
mailcommon KDE PIM common mail library
akonadiconsole Akonadi management and debugging console
akonadi-calendar PIM Akonadi calendar support library
akonadi-calendar-tools PIM Akonadi calendar tools
kalarmcal KAlarm client library
kontactinterface KDE PIM kontact plugin interface library
kpkpass KDE PIM Apple wallet file support library
ktnef KDE PIM TNEF library
libkdepim library for common kdepim apps
libksieve sieve script library
messagelib KDE PIM messaging library
pimcommon common libraries for KDE PIM
libgravatar libraries provides gravatar support
akonadi-search libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi
kitinerary KDE itinerary data model and itinerary extraction library
mbox-importer KMail mbox importer
calendarsupport PIM calendar support library
eventviews KDE PIM library for creating events
kblog KDE PIM blogging library
pim-sieve-editor mail sieve editor
akonadi-notes PIM Akonadi notes support library
kimagemapeditor KDE-based HTML image map editor
pim-data-exporter KDE PIM data exporter
kdepim-runtime KDE PIM mail related libraries
kalarm personal alarm message, command and email scheduler
grantlee-editor utilities and tools to manage themes in KDE PIM applications
kgpg KDE interface to GnuPG
kget download manager for KDE
kmail KDE PIM email client
kmail-account-wizard KMail account wizard
knotes notes management tool
kontact documentenal information management suite
korganizer calendar and scheduling component of kontact
kaddressbook addressbook viewer/frontend for KDE
akregator news feed reader
kross-interpreters Kross interpreter plugins for programming
kdepim-addons KDE PIM mail related libraries
kdav KDE PIM DAV protocol support library
breeze Breeze KDE desktop theme
kdecoration plugin-based library to create KDE window decorations
breeze-gtk GTK2 theme matching KDE Breeze
breeze-grub KDE Breeze grub theme
oxygen style for Qt/KDE Applications
elisa audio player with QML and KDE Plasma integration
openbsdisks2 UDisks2 service implementation for OpenBSD