The following packages were found for maintainer:
ruby-activesupport support libraries and Ruby extensions extracted from Rails
coccinella XMPP client with whiteboard
kismet 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and IDS
TclXML XML parser for Tcl
tcltls OpenSSL Tcl extension
back GNUstep gui backend
make GNUstep makefile package
examples GNUstep example applications
gui GNUstep gui library
base GNUstep base library
addresses GNUstep address book
pantomime framework to major mail protocols
gnumail GNUstep mail application
gworkspace GNUstep workspace manager
imageviewer GNUstep image viewer
ruby-httpclient libwww-perl for Ruby
ruby-stomp Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol (STOMP) client
libvidcap video capture library
tkpng PNG photo image extension for Tcl/Tk
tktreectrl tree widget extension for Tk
tktray system tray icon support for Tk
tkhtml Tk widget to display HTML/CSS formatted contents
tkdnd drag n drop extension for Tk
py-xmpppy Python XMPP and Jabber implementation
tkimg image extension for Tcl/Tk
poco POCO C++ libraries for network based applications
tcludp Tcl UDP extension
memchan in-memory channels for Tcl
microblog-purple Twitter, Identica, and plugin for libpurple
udns stub DNS resolver library
terminal terminal emulator for GNUstep
simpleagenda calendaring application based on GNUstep
gorm GNUstep graphical object relationship modeller
fisicalab educational application to solve physics problems
ftp GNUstep file transfer protcol tool
laternamagica view images and do slideshows
gspdf PDF, PS and EPS viewer for GNUstep
timemon CPU load monitor
remotedesk GNUstep rdesktop frontend
projectcenter GNUstep integrated development environment
gshisen little board game
price precision raster image convolution engine
sogo web based groupware server
srcpd daemon to control digital model railroad systems
spdrs60 graphical SRCP client to control a digital model railway
garmindev garmin gps device driver
systempreferences manage settings of the gnustep environment
pdfkit framework for accessing and rendering PDF content
graphos vector drawing application
gemas simple code editor for GNUstep
highlighterkit framework for highlighting and coloring syntax
dtcltiny small SRCP client to control digital model trains
grr Guenthers RSS reader
rsskit framework for reading different types of RSS formats
mpdcon GNUstep client for Music Player Daemon
libmemcached C C++ API for memcached
lapispuzzle tetris like puzzle game
dbuskit GNUstep dbus interface
affiche GNUstep sticky notes
edenmath GNUstep based scientific calcualtor
webservices GNUstep webservices framework
performance GNUstep performance library
gmines GNUstep minesweeper game
gmastermind GNUstep mastermind game
sudoku GNUstep sudoku generator
cdplayer GNUstep based CD player
renaissance GNUstep layer to write portable GUIs
zipper tool for inspecting compressed archvies
jigsaw GNUstep jigsaw puzzle
batmon GNUstep battery monitor
databasin GNUstep client for
ruby-puppet-lint ensure your Puppet manifests conform with the style guide
sqlclient GNUstep database abstraction layer
webserver GNUstep webserver framework
mcollective framework for server orchestration/parallel job execution
gomoku extended TicTacToe game for GNUstep
aclock analog clock for the GNUstep desktop
netclasses asynchronous networking framework for GNUstep
matharray GNUstep library to manipulate matrices
dmtx-utils tools for handling data matrix barcodes
libdmtx library for handling data matrix barcodes
paje GNUstep based trace visualization tool
corebase GNUstep reimplementation of Apple's CoreFoundation
libobjc2 GNUstep libobjc2 objective-c runtime
cynthiune audio player for GNUstep
silver-theme GNUstep theme with silvered controls
neos-theme GNUstep theme following NeXT look and feel
camera GNUstep frontent to libgphoto2
camerakit GNUstep wrapper around libgphoto2
displaycalibrator GNUstep frontend for xgamma
impersonatortoolkit web cookies sniffer and providing proxy
pcapkit GNUstep wrapper around libpcap
ruby-hiera-file data backend for Hiera to return whole files
py-puppetdb library for working with the PuppetDB API
service-agent MCollective agent to manage Services
package-agent MCollective agent to manage Packages
puppetboard web interface to PuppetDB
filemgr-agent MCollective agent to manage files
sysctl-data MCollective data plugin to retrieve sysctl values
ruby-ntlm creator/parser for the NTLM authentication
ruby-msgpack binary-based efficient object serialization library
john-jumbo extremely fast password cracker, with community patches
ruby-puppet-syntax syntax checks for Puppet manifests and templates
nrpe-agent MCollective agent to query NRPE
ruby-hiera-eyaml Hiera backend for decrypting encrypted yaml properties
ruby-faraday HTTP/REST API client library
ruby-faraday_middleware middleware for Ruby Faraday
ruby-faraday_middleware-multi_json Faraday response parser using MultiJson
ruby-multipart-post library to do multipart form posts
ruby-r10k Puppet module management
ruby-log4r log4j implementation for Ruby
ruby-cri command line interfaces with subcommands
ruby-semantic_puppet compare semantic versioning
ruby-minitar command-line utility for POSIX tar(1) archive files
facter collect and display system facts
ruby-hiera3 simple pluggable hierarchical database
databasinkit GNUstep client framework for
ruby-puppet_forge tools to access the Puppet Forge API
check_rabbitmq Nagios plugin to check RabbitMQ
leatherman collection of C++ and CMake utility libraries
routersploit The Router Exploitation Framework
cpp-hocon C++ parser for the HOCON configuration language
ruby-text collection of text algorithms
ruby-gettext-setup Ruby gem to ease i18n
ruby-fast_gettext fast implementation of gettext
py-commonmark parser for the CommonMark markdown spec
ruby-gpgme Ruby language binding for gpgme
ruby-hiera-eyaml-gpg gpg encryptor for the hiera eyaml backend
5 centralised configuration management for networks
qsynth Qt GUI Interface for FluidSynth
ruby-optimist commandline option parser for Ruby
ruby-concurrent-ruby concurrency tools and patterns for Ruby
ruby-public_suffix parse and decompose a domain names
ruby-ethon lightweight libcurl wrapper
ruby-thread_safe make thread safe programming in Ruby easier
ruby-ruby-progressbar text progress bar library for Ruby
ruby-opt_parse_validator validators for Ruby OptionParser lib
ruby-tzinfo access to time zone data and conversion
wpscan WordPress security scanner
ruby-cms_scanner framework to implement CMS scanners
ruby-zeitwerk constant autoloading with Ruby semantics
proxychains-ng redirect programs through one or more proxies
hcxtools convert pcap dumps to hashcat or John the Ripper input
pixiewps offline bruteforce of WPS pins
exploitdb archive of public exploits and shellcode
reaver online brute force WPS PINs
ruby-get_process_mem get memory usage of a process
ruby-colored2 color methods for String class
hashid Identify the different types of cryptographic hashes
wfuzz web fuzzer
stegseek lightning fast steghide cracker
py-astunparse AST unparser for Python
py-fickling analyze Python pickle object serializations
ruby-rubyzip Ruby module for reading and writing zip files
ruby-jwt pure ruby implementation of the JWT standard