The following packages were found for maintainer:
pstoedit translate PostScript/PDF graphics to other vector formats
blas Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
lapack library of Fortran linear algebra subroutines
octave high-level language for numerical computations
psdim intelligent n-up printing
syslog-ng log management solution
gtkglext OpenGL extension to GTK+ 2.0 and later
cblas C interface to the BLAS library
p5-Math-Round Perl extension for rounding numbers
llgal command-line online gallery generator
mpdscribble mpd client to scrobble track info to
argus-clients utilities to read and parse Argus data
argus Audit Record Generation and Utilization System
clusterssh secure concurrent multi-server terminal control
yersinia framework for analysis of layer 2 network protocols
libivykis asynchronous I/O readiness notification library
p5-Math-GMPf perl interface to GMP floating point functions
p5-Math-GMPz perl interface to GMP integer functions