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Version: 3, Package name: pg-toolbox-3
Maintained by: Pierre-Emmanuel Andre
Master sites:
The PostgreSQL Toolbox is a collection of small programs to aid the
PostgreSQL administrator and developer.

* pgcomment parses SQL files which should contain DDL and
(javadoc) comments and can generate the appropriate COMMENT ON
statements or HTML and LaTeX fragments.

* pgstat shows the queries the PostgreSQL server is currently
executing and optionally idle connections.

* listdb lists all databases like the \l+ command in psql.

* dbsize tells the overall size of a single database.

* dbrelationsize tells the size of tables, view, indices,
sequences of a specific database.

* dbstat prints the collected statistics about a database.

* listlock prints locks held by a database.

* xloginfo shows the current write and insert location in the xlogs.

* pg_file2str reads a file from STDIN or the filename given as its first
command line argument and prints the file properly escaped as a
PostgreSQL string literal to STDOUT.

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  • (2008-10-22) Package added to openports.se, version pg-toolbox-3 (created)
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