Category listing - devel/kf5

attica Open Collaboration Services API implementation
baloo KDE file search and metadata handling framework
bluez-qt Qt wrapper for BlueZ 5 DBus API
breeze-icons KDE Breeze-style light and dark icon themes
extra-cmake-modules CMake modules required by KDE5
frameworkintegration KDE Plasma integration support for Qt-based apps
kactivities core components for the KDE Activity concept
kactivities-stats statistics for the KDE Activity concept
kapidox doxygen wrapper for KDE
karchive Qt5-based API for manipulating file archives
kauth execute actions as privileged user
kbookmarks XBEL bookmarks format support for KDE
kcalendarcore The KDE calendar access library
kcmutils utility classes for KDE control modules
kcodecs string encoding/decoding for KDE
kcompletion text completion support for Qt-based apps
kconfig KDE configuration system
kconfigwidgets widgets for KDE configuration dialogs
kcontacts KDE contacts access library
kcoreaddons core KDE extensions to Qt classes
kcrash intercepting and handling application crashes in KDE
kdav KDE PIM DAV protocol support library
kdbusaddons KDE convenience classes for DBus
kdeclarative integration of QML and KDE workspaces
kded central daemon of KDE workspaces
kdelibs4support legacy support for kdelibs-4.x compatibility
kdesignerplugin integrating KDE 5 widgets with Qt Designer
kdesu KDE wrapper over doas commands
kdewebkit integration of the HTML rendering engine WebKit into KDE
kdnssd network service discovery using Zeroconf for KDE
kdoctools create documentation from DocBook
kemoticons text emoticons to graphical emoticons KDE converter
kfilemetadata KDE 5 library for extracting text and metadata
kglobalaccel global desktop keyboard shortcuts for KDE
kguiaddons Utilities for graphical user interfaces
kholidays holiday calculation library
khtml original KDE HTML rendering engine
ki18n KDE Gettext-based UI text internationalization
kiconthemes KDE icon GUI utility library
kidletime reporting of idle time of user and system
kimageformats KDE plugins for QImage supporting extra file formats
kinit speed up for applications inside KDE workspaces
kio network transparent access to files and data in KDE
kirigami2 QtQuick based components set
kitemmodels KDE item models extending the Qt model-view framework
kitemviews extensions for the Qt model-view framework
kjobwidgets KDE widgets for showing progress of asynchronous jobs
kjs JavaScript/ECMAScript engine for KDE
kjsembed KDE framework for binding JavaScript object to QObjects
kmediaplayer interface for media player KParts
knewstuff KDE framework for sharing additional application data
knotifications KDE desktop notifications framework
knotifyconfig KDE configuration dialog for desktop notifications
kpackage installation and loading of content packages in KDE
kparts KDE plugin framework for user interface components
kpeople KDE framework for aggregating and accessing people contacts
kplotting KDE data plotting framework
kpty interfacing with pseudo terminal devices in KDE
kquickcharts QtQuick module providing high-performance charts
kross embedding of scripting into KDE applications
krunner KDE framework for Plasma runners
kservice plugin framework for KDE desktop services
ktexteditor fully featured text editor component
ktextwidgets text editing widgets for KDE
kunitconversion KDE framework for converting physical units
kwallet KDE safe desktop-wide storage for passwords
kwayland Qt API to interact with the wayland-client and -server
kwidgetsaddons large set of KDE widgets
kwindowsystem access to the windowing system for KDE apps
kxmlgui KDE framework for managing menu and toolbar actions
kxmlrpcclient KDE XML-RPC client
oxygen-icons KDE Oxygen-style icon theme
plasma-framework core components and tools of the Plasma Workspaces
prison bar code generator
purpose framework to create integrate services and actions
qqc2-desktop-style QtQuickControls 2 style for painting
solid KDE hardware abstraction layer
sonnet multi-language spell checker for KDE
syndication RSS/Atom parser library
syntax-highlighting highlighting engine for structured text and code
threadweaver KDE helper for multithreaded programming