./devel/p5-Devel-Leak-Object [finding memory leaks in perl objects]
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Version: 1.01, Package name: p5-Devel-Leak-Object-1.01
Maintained by: Marc Espie
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This module provides tracking of objects, for the purpose of detecting
memory leaks due to circular references or innappropriate caching

Object tracking can be enabled on a per object basis. Any objects
thus tracked are remembered until DESTROYed; details of any objects
left are printed out to STDERR at END-time.

Of particular interest is
use Devel::Leak::Object qw{ GLOBAL_bless };

which overrides CORE::bless to give a full tally of all objects at END {}

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  • (2014-01-28) Package added to openports.se, version p5-Devel-Leak-Object-1.01 (created)
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