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Version: 1.4, Package name: p5-Term-ReadLine-TTYtter-1.4
Maintained by: The OpenBSD ports mailing-list
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This is Term::ReadLine::TTYtter. It is a modified version of T::RL:Perl
with several new nonstandard features specific to TTYtter, but may be
useful for other applications.

It also allows UTF-8 charaters to be entered without crashing, and adds
a counter so you can see how many characters you've entered (which is a
big deal for Twitter and other microblogging platforms).

These methods are additionally defined, which are non-standard:

* removereadline method: erases the current prompt from the screen
* redisplay method: repaints the current prompt from the screen
* hook_background_control method: connects the interactive readline
prompt to a PID specified by $main::child. The PID is then sent
signal SIGUSR1 when a character is beginning processing (i.e.,
the process needs to NOT write to the screen), and SIGUSR2 when
done (i.e., the process can write again).
* hook_use_ansi: same, but connects to $main::dont_use_counter (1 =
disable_counter). Useful for prompts where this is irrelevant.
* hook_no_tco: this is Twitter specific. See code.

(The use of hooks into $main:: was so that the calling convention of
&readline would not have to be disturbed to pass additional options.)

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  • (2013-03-22) Package added to openports.se, version p5-Term-ReadLine-TTYtter-1.4 (created)
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