./devel/p5-Test-utf8 [handy utf8 tests for Perl]
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Version: 1.02, Package name: p5-Test-utf8-1.02
Maintained by: Charlene Wendling
Master sites:
This module is a collection of tests useful for dealing with utf8
strings in Perl.

Filesize: 31.285 KB
Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2020-05-15) Updated to version: p5-Test-utf8-1.02
  • (2020-01-13) Package added to openports.se, version p5-Test-utf8-1.01 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2020-07-03 15:46:09 by Stuart Henderson | Files touched by this commit (1723)
Log message:
bump for search.cpan.org->metacpan.org change
   2020-05-14 11:29:44 by Charlene Wendling | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
p5-Test-utf8: update to 1.02.
The only change brought by this release is to add the possibility to do
the build without '.' in @INC (we still have '.' in @INC). While here,
modify my maintainer email address.
From Wen Heping, thanks!