./fonts/noto/cjk [east asian fonts for the noto font family]
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Version: 20220127, Package name: noto-cjk-20220127
Maintained by: Anthony J. Bentley
Master sites:
Noto Sans CJK is a sans serif typeface designed as an intermediate style
between the modern and traditional. It is intended to be a multi-purpose
digital font for user interface designs, digital content, reading on
laptops, mobile devices, and electronic books. Noto Sans CJK comprehensively
covers Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in a
unified font family. It supports regional variants of ideographic characters
for each of the four languages. In addition, it supports Japanese kana,
vertical forms, and variant characters (itaiji); it supports Korean hangeul,
both contemporary and archaic.

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Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2022-03-28) Updated to version: noto-cjk-20220127
  • (2020-01-13) Updated to version: noto-cjk-2.001
  • (2015-12-22) Package added to openports.se, version noto-cjk-1.004 (created)
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CVS Commit History:

   2019-05-09 22:14:13 by Anthony J. Bentley | Files touched by this commit (9)
Log message:
Update noto fonts to their latest versions.
Take maintainership also.
ok naddy@
   2019-04-24 10:26:59 by Stuart Henderson | Files touched by this commit (94)
Log message:
reset unresponsive maintainers, various porters have spent a bunch of
time waiting for timeouts over the last year or more for many of these
ports.  ok danj@ jca@ kmos@
   2016-01-11 04:04:22 by Dmitrij Czarkoff | Files touched by this commit (17)
Log message:
change my email address