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Version: 1.7, Package name: freebee-1.7
Maintained by: Tracey Emery
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Free Bee is a free clone of The New York Times game Spelling Bee.

In this game, your goal is to find as many words as you can with the seven
letters you are given. You don't have to use any letter except the middle letter
and letters can be used more than once in a word. Finding a word that uses all
seven letters yields bonus points! Every game has at least one such word, and
many games have multiple. As you earn points, you rise through the ranks of the
hive, ultimately becoming the Queen Bee.

You can play the daily challenge like the original game or try your hand at a
nearly infinite number of computer-generated random challenges. Unlike the
original game, you are not restricted to only a single game per day!

The only notable difference between Free Bee and the original game is the use of
the SOWPODS dictionary instead of the NYT dictionary.

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Version History (View Complete History)
  • (2020-08-11) Updated to version: freebee-1.7
  • (2020-07-28) Package added to openports.se, version freebee-1.6 (created)
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Update to 1.7.
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