BROKEN: needs boost_python27, support for python3 is planned for 0.8.0

./games/vegastrike/speech [speech files for vegastrike]
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Version: 0.5.1.r1, Package name: vegastrike-speech-0.5.1.r1
Maintained by: Pascal Stumpf
Master sites:
Vega Strike is an OpenSource 3d Space Simulator. Work is proceeding
on both the Vega Strike game engine and a Vega Strike Universe game
data set. Both engine and data are in a playable state, but still
under development. Each release serves as a beta for both engine
and data.

The Vega Strike engine serves as the foundation for the Privateer
Gemini Gold, Privateer Remake, Vega Trek, and Pi Armada projects.

This package contains the speech files.

Filesize: 31120 KB
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  • (2014-04-18) Package added to, version vegastrike-speech-0.5.1.r1 (created)
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