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Version: 0.36, Package name: tumble-0.36
Maintained by: The OpenBSD ports mailing-list
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Tumble is a utility to construct PDF files from one or more image
files. Supported input image file formats are JPEG, and black and
white 1-bit TIFF (single- or multi-page).

Black and white images will be encoded in the PDF output using
lossless Group 4 fax compression (ITU-T recommendation T.6). This
provides a very good compression ratio for text and line art. JPEG
images will be preserved with the original coding.

The general command line syntax is:

tumble [options] ... -o

The options in this mode are:

-v verbose
-b create bookmarks

If the "-b" option is given, bookmarks will be created using the
format string, which may contain arbitrary text and/or the following
format specifiers:

%F file name, sans suffix e.g., "foo.tif" will just appear as "foo"
%p page number of input file, useful for multipage TIFF files

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  • (2020-04-25) Package added to openports.se, version tumble-0.36 (created)
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