Help section

What does 'modified' mean in the Package history?
     If a package is updated during an update cycle, and there is no new
     version/revision available, the package will be marked as 'modified'.
     It will also be marked as 'modified' if the packages files have been
     altered (DESCR, distinfo, PLIST, et cetera) or if the package was
     requested for an unconditional update.

Why doesn't the packages creation date correspond with the CVS date?
     The original package history is not imported, thus the oldest date in
     the database will be the first time it was imported into the
     database. However, newly imported packages seems to correspond very
     well with the CVS date.

Why is package 'abc123' missing from the site?
     If a package is missing, it might be because it does not build properly.
     Build errors will probably make the package disappear from

Can I see all the removed packages?
     Yes; packages does not get deleted for archive reasons, but a package
     that is marked as removed will not appear in search results or in
     category listings. They will appear if you give the full address of
     the package though (
     All removed packages is browsable here.

What is FLAVORS?
     FLAVORS allows you to build packages with certain flavors added for example
     mplayer + sdl. To use an option set "export FLAVOR=the_flavor" or
     "setenv FLAVOR the_flavor"

What is a security notice through email?
     As you might have noticed we import the cvs commit logs when an update has occurred.
     Some of the changes in the commit event is triggered by a security event,
     the package might for example be vulnerable. When we import a message
     that we think is a security event, we will email a notice with this commit log
     appended to all ports on the tracker who have activated this feature (per port).
     Please note that these emails are separate from the emails if an update has occurred