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We have collected them at: https://openports.se/view_rem.php

Feedback, miscellaneous:
Since openports.se fetch its data from the Ports repository, there might exist nonworking URI's, outdated distfiles, et cetera. Needless to say, we can't do anything about these issues since the information is 'ports accurate', wherein the real problem is located.

Other bugs and errors might occur too. If you find one, and don't think it is related to the Ports repository, please contact us.

openports.se technology;
The service is built on Open Source software running mostly under the NetBSD operating system.
Data is stored using MySQL and Apache is being used as a web server.

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"I don't like banners!"
The reason, as stated many times before, it costs to run these websites. We assure you,
all money generated through the banners goes directly to better hardware, domain costs
and general maintenance costs.

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